Add Details And Burnish The Colors

Build up the color of the ornament using the same colors as before and burnish them together. Add White to the highlight areas and burnish it to look smooth and shiny. Detail the neck and hanger. Notice how the edge of the hanger has a scalloped edge and is surrounded by reflected light. Even though it is a small area, the tiniest details are still important.

With Scarlet Lake, add some color to the ribbon. Add Light Umber to the shadows to make them three-dimensional. Add a small amount of Scarlet Lake to the very top of the hanger to create a reflection.

dull metal

Drawing dull metal is much different than drawing shiny surfaces, such as brass and silver, because it is porous and less reflective. The tones of dull objects are less extreme, and the patterns of light and dark appear more gradual than shiny objects. To achieve a dull look, use the layering technique, making sure to allow some of the paper's surface to show through.


Make sure to keep a sharp point on your pencil when layering to help you fade the colors gradually.

Dull Metal Reflects Many Colors

This goblet is another antique from the Pompeii museum of artifacts. It has many of the same elements as the stainless steel pan on pages 88-89, with many raised surfaces and patterns. But unlike the pan, the goblet's surface is extremely dull. The ornamentation and raised patterns of this goblet create shadows that make for an interesting drawing. It is made of metal, but is not extremely polished and shiny—the surface almost looks pitted.

How many colors do you see reflecting in this piece? Look for different greens, oranges, grays and violets.

Colored Pencils Lessons

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