Things To Remember

How Color Pencil Pineapple

Everything with an edge, lip or rim has reflected light along it. When drawing perspective remember that closer areas appear larger while areas farther away seem to shrink. When teaching, I find that many of my students will avoid heavily textured items because they seem too complicated ordifficult.Textures can be a wonderful addition to your artwork and can open the door to many fun and challenging projects. Uniquely textured objects can be found all around you. From the curtains, towels and...

Continue To Layer The Skin Tones And Shadows

Pencil Strokes

Deepen the skin tone around the eyes with Henna. Add this color into the corner membranes. Notice the ridge of reflected light above the eyelid crease of the right eye. With Seashell Pink, add a slight shadow to the eyeball in the corners. Also add it below the eye on the left to enhance the look of roundness. 3DEEPENTHESKINTONES,ADDTHE EYEBROWS AND LASHES Continue to build the color of the skin tone. Use quick strokes with Black to create the eyebrows and eyelashes, tapering the pencil stroke...

Drawing With Colored Pencils

Drawing Peacock Colored Pencil

It is important to understand the traits of warm and cool colors. Warm colors are often used to reflect light off of subjects and appear to come forward. Cool colors are often used in shadows and appear to recede. Study finished art and note how the artist uses warm and cool colors to create the piece's light source and center of interest. Not only can the use of color change the way something looks, color can actually bounce around and attach itself to objects. This Baltimore Oriole likes to...

Sketch The Trunk And Apply The Lightest Tones

Coloured Pencil Tree Bark Drawings

Sketch the shape of the trunk and limbs with a mechanical pencil. Don't forget to include the large tree knots. With heavy, vertical pencil lines, apply the texture of the tree bark. Start with Sienna Brown first, and then layer on Dark Umber. A tree limb or trunk is also a cylinder, just with a lot of texture. Use this exercise to practice drawing the cylindrical shape of a tree. Even though the surface is irregular and textured, the basic form is still a cylinder with the effects of light and...

Burnish The Background And Deepen The Highlights

Drawing Shiny Surfaces

Deepen all the tones with multiple layers of color, and burnish the background until smooth, using a ruler to create a definitive border. Create the table's wood grain look, keeping in mind the perspective of the pencil lines. Build the wood color with Burnt Ochre, and the wood grain with Dark Brown. Render the cast shadow on the right with Black Raspberry. Slowly build the color of the sugar bowl with the layered approach. It is important to not allow the colors of the bowl to burnish creating...

Deepen The Tones In The Background And Foreground

Painting Furry Animals With Pencil

Deepen the blue tones, but allow the ice flows to stay light in color. Apply a layer of Black over the colors in the water on the left side of the river. Apply a layer of Black over the trees as well. Use White to create the ice flows. Notice how they appear smaller and closer together in the background, and larger and more distinct in the foreground. Use True Blue to create the streaky shadows of the ice flows in the foreground. Animals and pets are some of the most popular subjects for...

Coffee Table In Drafting

One Point Couch

When learning perspective, start with a simple one-point perspective drawing, such as this living room scene. In the working drawing of step 1, notice how everything in the room meets at a single point in the center of the drawing. The arms of the couch, the edges of the coffee table and even the books underneath lead to this one point. Each vertical line in the drawing such as the legs of the table, the sides of the couch and the edges of the cups are all perfectly vertical with no slants.

How To Draw With Color Pencil

Wood Grain Colored Pencil

This drawing of a has many of the same colors and techniques as the drawing of the wooden door handle at right. However, to represent the intense light of the sun, the colors have been burnished to appear brighter. The orange color of the wood is reflected in the textured skin of the lizard, and the blue of the sky is repeated in the white part of the wood above him. Beige, Burnt Ochre, Terra Cotta, Orange, Tuscan Red, Cool Grey 50 , Aquamarine, Black, White Simply put, the key to creating...

Continue To Build Colors And Finish The Background

Wagon Wheel Ellipse

Finishing the drawing is really just a matter of doing more of the same. The colors continue to build up with every layer, until it becomes deep and rich. Be sure to pay attention to reflected light, which is extremely important when drawing rounded objects. Reflected light is seen anytime there is an edge or rim. You can see it along the edges of the apples, and along the upper edge of the pumpkin. But it is also seen along every ridge of the pumpkin, which makes those areas seem to protrude....

Create The Trees And Mountains

Sketch With Color Accent

With Black, create the illusion of texture in the pine trees, using vertical pencil lines to represent the tree trunks. Use the flat side of pencil to create the texture of the trees using horizontal motions. With True Blue and a light touch, add the small mountain in the far background along the horizon line. With the same color, accent the color in the water on the right. Define the bottoms of the ice flows with Black.