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The Cartoon Express

The Cartoon Express, launched in 2007, is the brainchild of illustrator/designer Andre Adams. After years of illustrating watching his collection of spot art mount, Andre decided to consolidate them all and create a libaray of his work, available to anyone in need of quality cartoon art at ridiculously reasonable prices. The Cartoon Express images have been created, and are licensed to you, for use in newspapers, brochures, catalogs, ads, editorial, websites, and other such communication material. Continue reading...

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Contents: Over 300 Illustrations
Creator: Andre Adams
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Price: $50.00

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Modified Contour Drawing First drawing on the picture plane

Frustrated Student Drawing

Your clear plastic Picture Plane Before you begin Please read through all of the instructions before starting your drawing. In the next section I will define and fully explain the Picture Plane. For now, you will be simply using it. Just follow the instructions. 1. Rest your hand on a desk or table in front of you the left hand if you are right-handed, and the right, if you are left-handed with the ringers and thumb curved upward, pointing toward your face. This is a foreshortened view of your...

About This Book

Extreme Facial Expressions

Curiously, there have been very few books on the subject of facial expression for the artist. To my knowledge, the last one was Sir Charles Bell's Essays on the Anatomy of Expression in Painting, published in 1806, and it wasn't a terribly good book in the first place. Many more recent drawing books have included short sections on expression without shedding much useful light on the matter. In fact, artists familiar with such sources have generally had the good sense to prefer their own...

The Downward Gaze Vs The Closing

Gaze Diagram

The trickiest part of drawing the downward gaze is to not merely end up with a closed-looking eye. When the eyes simply close, the iris and pupil are covered in the process in the downward gaze, the eye leaves open a space large enough for the pupil to see through. This is accomplished by the bowing downward of the lower lid. A telltale crease, the signature fold for this action, appears below the lid as it moves. As the gaze drops further, the bow gets sharper and the crease deepens. The dip...

Theory Of Oblique Projection

Mechanical Drawing Projector

Drawn in the example, a small clip or button is shown piotoriallv in space. The plane upon which it is to be projected, represented bv the rectangle 1-2-3-4, stands vertically behind, and parallel with, the object projectors are taken from each corner of the face of fhe object, at an angle of 45 with the horizontal line 1-4, until they meet the plane of projection. These points of impingement are joined by straight lines which are parallel with the edges they represent on the object, thus an...

The bodys proportions

Female Proportion Human Figure

Proportions of the human body Figure 2.1. Proportions of the human body The human body is usually measured in units of heads. Most adults are around seven and a half heads high, but for practical and aesthetic reasons most diagrams show eight heads. It's not a big deal, just remember the head can be slightly larger in real life. Unless you are drawing an adult that is standing up straight, you can't use this diagram directly. Instead, you'll have to use this as a guideline to...

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