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Ministry Letters Version 2.0 is a software tool that contains letter templates for pastors and secretaries. The powerful software program helps men of God locate just that right letter to send out to either congregation or committee members, and begin to encourage people in ways you have never dreamed of before. The software will make your life simple and stress-free, as well as making sending letters to church members easy and quick. Ministry Letters Version 2.0 comes in an easy-to-download PDF format and is easy to use by virtually anyone. Ministry Letters Version 2.0 is a great product that will make your life easier as a pastor or church secretary. The software includes hundreds of letter templates that you can simply edit and send to the members of the church.Grab the Ministry Letters Version 2.0 and make your life easier. Read more...

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Light in the Church

The medieval church offers an elaborate example of symbolic connections to nature's rhythms. From the darkness of early morning to late evening twilight, the cycle of daily change corresponded with the liturgical phases of monastic life. Seasonal variations were also recognized by separate horaria for summer and

Peterborough And Beauvais

English pinnacle remains detached and aggressive against the sky. It never grows naturally from flying buttress or from up-piled columnar mass as in the French churches. Those round the flanking towers of Peterborough west front are prolongations, it is true, of the columnar forms at the angles, but so unhappy is the idea, that the pinnacles actually appear thicker than the cylindrical forms which they prolong. This compositional error is magnified ten times in the case of the two central pinnacles. The eye runs up the thin central columnar line between the great arches and is suddenly surprised to meet with a massive pinnacle balanced atop of its exiguity. Compare the graceful succession of forms up the columnar masses which soar heavenwards from either side of the Beauvais porch. They are neither thin nor heavy, they are wrought over with ingenious tracery which helps to bind them to the main mass, not by a weak repetition of the same form, as in the continuation of the same arcade...

Machine for Living In

While the house and the church have traditionally been rooted in the complex counterpoint of nature, the machine has made our modern life temporally regular and spatially uniform. We are, by One reason that has been given is the 14th-century invention of the mechanical clock.6 Up until then, everyday life was organized between sunrise and sunset, winter and summer. The Horarium sought to cut time into smaller measures, an attempt to regularize the religious schedule throughout Christendom. But the lack of a universal hour troubled church leaders like Saint Benedict. The mechanical clock was the first timepiece ever to run at a uniform rate and not be restricted to certain temperatures or lighting conditions. Today, through transmission and adaptation, the clock measures most of our actions, many of our rituals. In fact, during the last half of the 20th century, we saw the near demise of ritual. In the 1970s, anthropologist Mary Douglas wrote about a mysterious and widespread explicit...

Front Pictorial And Ambiguous Light

Painting Pictorial

Front Light - the favorite of photographers, two dimensional artists, children and colorists where emphasis is on color and texture over form and value. Front light can eliminate the need for shading and shadows (which is a pity for they are a great joy and keep many artists from wandering aimlessly about the streets in the dead of night). Front light is also excellent for use in portraits of unremarkable people. Holbein's front light portrait of a Dutch princess eventually caused the schism that resulted in the formation of the Church of England. Like good putty front light can cover-up many faults.

The Venetian Technique

The method evolved out of necessity, as the church desired large paintings of religious scenes for cathedrals, and wealthy dukes wished to adorn their palaces with large paintings of mythological themes and other subjects. The difficulties of constructing and transporting huge wooden panels influenced artists to seek an alternative. Canvas was soon adopted as the most convenient support for large paintings, as it could be rolled up and delivered, then reattached to the stretcher frame, or another of the same dimensions, at the painting's destination and hung. However, the rough texture of the cloth created a need for certain adjustments in technique and perhaps in the chemistry of the paints. A new primer was also needed, as gesso (gypsum bound with animal glue) and glue chalk grounds are brittle, and thus unsuitable for use on a flexible support. After years of experimentation, involving the addition of oil or honey to gesso to render it more flexible, white lead ground in linseed...

Representation visualization and specification Representation and visualization

Words are clumsy with respect to transmitting information about an engineering artefact. Perhaps a chair or a table could be described without too much difficulty but for anything very much more complex, words become inadequate. Hence, the expression, 'a picture says a thousand words' Painting or sketching can certainly convey visual information. However, it is also open to artistic interpretation and licence. Ancient pictures of kings and queens often did more credit to them than was justified Several paintings by Constable of the Dedworth area show the church at different locations because it adds to the artistic balance. Three-dimensional models can certainly be made of engineering artefacts and structures. Indeed, the use of rapid prototyping for the construction of feasibility models is a fast-growing industry. Clay and plastic models have been around for years and mock-ups of new engineering designs for style-based design give the designer a new level of understanding and...

Side View Of Condition

Many historical paintings of church interiors look something like this. If all the column capitals on each side, and then all the column bases, were connected, and these lines brought back into the picture, they would meet at the same point as other similarly-oriented parallel lines such as the center aisle or the procession.

Examples from the Experts

Sky Painting From Great Artists

This dramatic evening sky, also by Barry, completely dominates the city, with its cathedral and churches. The buildings, though, have their own part to play as they link earth to sky, providing unity, and contrast sharply with the soft sky. The sky is full of cool and warm colour to an extent which almost takes one's breath away.

Sing strong contrast to

Castagnet Watercolor Wash

When tackling this sort of interior one of the most difficult problems is balancing the various dark tonal areas, while also handling the light from the large windows. David used the while paper for the window. Notice the way the light areas on the bottom left balance the light curved area around the window. Figures are very important in this scene, because they provide scale forjudging the size of the interior. Without figures, this could look like the interior of a parish church. Figures also provide more color than an otherwise restricted palette. Notice too, how the intricate details of the cathedral have been merely suggested.

How Light Works Its Magic

Front Light - the favorite of photographers, two dimensional artists, children and colorists where emphasis is on color and texture over form and value. Front light can eliminate the need for shading and shadows (which is a pity for they are a great joy and keep many artists from wandering aimlessly about the streets in the dead of night). Front light is also excellent for use in portraits of unremarkable people. Holbein's front light portrait of a Dutch princess eventually caused the schism that resulted in the formation of the Church of England. Like good putty front light can cover-up many faults.

Decide between Solo or Group

Places of worship Churches, synagogues, and temples often have large areas with empty walls and have been one of the best supporters of the arts throughout history. Your own church may enjoy hosting a group show for its members or a solo show just for you. Make the show's theme exploring spirit or something else appropriate for the venue.

Building the Body Drawing the Standard Character Type

As you begin to sketch your cartoon character's body, every decision you make conveys a little bit of information. You can express the character's emotions and actions through facial expressions and body language. You can convey an amazing degree of animation and information just by the way you position your character's head, by how he holds his arms, or by how he bends his legs. For example, a character with a wide neck, large shoulders, humongous arms, and tattoos probably isn't going to be taken for the church pastor. Readers will know he's a tough cookie especially if he's sitting on a Harley-Davidson

Completing the Picture

Sunrise Pink Sky Images

If you're using several objects try to interlock them to create one visual unit rather than a collection of scattered parts. The objects need to be counterchanged well for emphasis, no matter how small they are. For example, a sunlit church could be placed against a dark cloud. Conversely, a dark tower can be very dramatic against a light patch of sky. All these elements should be thought out while doing your tonal sketch. The sky will have to be designed to accommodate these effects. Remember too that you may have to reverse the dark light effect half-way up. For example, a ship's mast may have to be light against a dark dock, but change

Preceding pages The temptation of St Anthony

This painting was requested by the religious order of St Anthony. Attached to its church was a hospital which specialized in treating venereal disease. A sufferer who sought a miraculous cure was asked to contemplate the horrors of evil in front of this painting before being given treatment. The painting is no larger than a dressing-table mirror and only close examination will reveal its details. The many groups, costumes, objects and buildings were intended to convey ideas now lost. Each image is a cartoon of human folly and frailty, many are parodies of Christian beliefs, well-known bible stories, rituals and daily church procedures. The message of the painting is the renunciation of physical delights. Bosch uses symbolic images and puns on common words to convey his warning. Without a profound knowledge of Christian beliefs and practices, the images appear wild and irreverent.

Saint George and the dragon

The legend in which St George rescues a maiden by slaying a dragon was a popular subject for both paintings and sculptures. To both artist and audience alike it symbolized the struggle between good (the hero) and evil (the monster), and asserted that virtue and innocence (the maiden) cannot be harmed by evil. Uccello worked in a Christian environment, decorating churches and the homes of devout princes. The use of classical and mythological subjects as symbols to express Christian beliefs was very common during the Renaissance.

Height Twothirds Of Overall Square

THE EYE OF TRAINING THE EYE FOR PROPORTIONS The use of a square also helps greatly in arriving at the proportions of architectural objects. In this drawing it was found that the church nearly fitted into a square. The tower was about one-fourth the width of the square, touching the middle line. The rest of the church fell just under the middle of the square. The tower shows about 3 squares of facing and the roof about 2Vi squares, the units of the roof being just a little smaller than the tower units. The smaller buildings were drawn in proportion to the church. The close building was about a square and a quarter high. The width was determined by comparison with the tower, being equal to two squares.

The Essential Connection to Nature

Partly it centers on collective actions in public places like streets, shops, the church, and the cemetery. Another part of village life focuses on individual actions in personal spaces, especially the ubiquitous private garden. No single beat seems to dominate life. Seasons, of course, assert a very strong influence but really it is a combination of natural and contrived beats that offers manifold chances to develop ritual expressions of self and group. By comparison, the rhythm of life in Petrzalka is simple. Unlike Prievoz, there is little gathered life in the place no church, cemetery, or streets lined with cherry trees. Just as in Prievoz, people leave Petrzalka daily to work elsewhere. But many commute in isolation by car because the location is so remote and poorly connected to the rest of the city. A single daily measure dominates Petrzalka to work and back. Otherwise, life is for the most part lived inside a flat like a thousand other flats. There are no gardens or...

Sampling and Sample Contamination

Radiocarbon dating sees only organic materials used during the creative process. Radiocarbon dating cannot provide information about when or by whom a given artifact was created. It can only provide information as to when different organic materials found today as parts of the given artifact were removed from the live carbon cycle. For example, if a baroque wooden sculpture was carved from an old wooden beam taken from a destroyed Gothic church, the radiocarbon dating would not provide information about the date of the carving or the date of the Gothic church, but only about the ages of individual tree rings found in the wood sample. We would not even be able to say when the tree was cut down (t 0 for radiocarbon dating) because the peripheral tree ring under the bark (the last ring grown before cutting) probably would be removed by a carpenter to shape a beam. We would be able to extrapolate our data to provide at least an estimate of when the wood was used...

The Separate Faces of Bratislava Slovakia

It is called Prievoz, ferry or ferry boat. The name is left over from a time when the Danube, or a tributary, meandered further to the north than it now does and Prievoz really was an isolated settlement along its banks. Now, surrounded by the growing city, Prievoz retains a village atmosphere. A convent, now seen isolated in the snow behind wrought-iron fences, centers the village. Attached to the convent is a hospital to serve the community and a church whose bells we hear from our apartment every Sunday. We walk to Prievoz daily to shop and take refuge in its tree-lined streets and ancient cemetery.


AMS dating shows great potential for art research. The fact that the sample size needed for AMS dating is comparable to the size of samples routinely taken by conservators or conservation scientists for cross-section analysis and for binding media determination opens a number of new and exciting applications. One of the most important applications is direct radiocarbon dating of paint layers on paintings and polychrome sculptures. The limiting factors that make such an analysis difficult are the complex nature of paint materials together with the very severe problem of contamination due to the frequently long history of restoration and conservation treatments that are common to almost all important paintings and polychrome sculptures found in art museums, churches, and private collections. The number of artifacts that have not been re

Folding out an easel

You also should be prepared to meet the human animals. People are fascinated with artists working on location. One beautiful Sunday morning while in Taos, New Mexico, I decided to paint in front of the old St. Francis de Asis church. Because I was vacationing, I could enjoy making a painting on a gorgeous morning and go to church by listening outside too. A tourist came by and bought my painting It was the first time that had ever happened. Now I take a few prints and business cards along just in case.


Pencil Bridge Painting

The intricate tracery and carving found in churches, cathedrals, cloisters and colleges is highly demanding in terms of the level of observation required to get a row or series of them accurate - for this reason I always set about making relevant sketchbook studies before using them in a composition. As I have already mentioned, geometry is a common design factor in important public buildings. Ecclesiastical buildings, from the largest cathedral to the smallest rural church or college chapel, demonstrate this, even in their smallest details. The arch study show n on this page was constructed around a framework of three circles - even the circular opening of the window has an inner tracery w hich is based on a design with three circles.

Reentering Forms

The saving resource of the British Gothic architect is pinnacles. And unfortunately he means you to see them. There are generally more pinnacles on a French Gothic church, only they are less evident, they fit into the general scheme, they climb up and hug the main structure itself as there is a general idea of composition they fall in with it they simply add diversity to a general intention which they in no way upset. Any French church may be compared

Ensemble In Paris

Critic who has taken the trouble to penetrate as far as possible into the aesthetic ideals of various peoples and who has brought to each a determinedly unbiased interest. But the price one pays for taking up such a detached position is that one remains necessarily isolated. Art is world-wide it is true, but each manifestation of it is to a great degree separate and individual, and is made for a particular public, to satisfy its particular needs. The case of Gothic architecture is, however, special. Whether it be carried out in France or in England it deals with approximately the same formulae. While it becomes a very difficult problem to estimate the relative aesthetic worth of Chinese and Greek Art on account of the wide separation between both the ideals and the technical methods employed, while it may even be idle to propose such a problem at all, I cannot help feeling that two conceptions of the same art, that of constructing Gothic churches, may justifiably be compared. It is...

The Village

Throughout the 19th century, villages arose as markets. Farmers needed a place to buy and sell crops and livestock and to buy things they could not provide for themselves. Villages appeared at the crossing of section roads, often near gristmills or sawmills on rivers. The early village might have contained a school, a church, a general store, a post office, a blacksmith shop, a cooper's shed, and, possibly, a factory for tanning hides or making cheese. There were accents in village life that did not appear in the rhythms of a farm. Many resulted from collective enterprises that extended beyond the village itself. On Sundays or on special holidays, families from surrounding farms flocked to the village and stood around in the park with its maple trees. From here, they crossed the road to the church or to the store where they peeped through the windows at shoes or cloth from New York. Election days marked a political cycle in which the exchange or affirmation of ideas could affect...


Colours have many and varied symbolic associations. The significance of colour changes according to culture, religion, fashion etc. The following are some recognised connections in the Western world blue - loyalty, constancy, mystery yellow - cowardice, envy, treachery green - inexperience, freedom, vitality, the environment white - innocence, purity, death black - death, sorrow, evil red -aggression, love, fire,honour violet - repentance. In ancient and medieval times the world was treated as composing 'four elements' - earth, water, air, and fire each of which had its own symbolic colour, namely, black, white, yellow and red respectively. Colour remains an important symbol in Church ceremony and ritual varying according to tradition - white being a symbol of Christmas or Easter gold of Easter red of Pentecost and the feast of martyrs purple a symbol of Advent and Lent and green of the new year. In ancient Egypt, black was associated with rebirth and in India and China white is the...

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