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ecause professional comic book artists don't always have access to live models, they've created a system for drawing a perfectly proportioned head. The proportions used in this method of drawing the head can be seen in some of the world's most popular comic book heroes.

To make it easier to see how we arrive at these proportions, start by placing the head inside of a rectangle. Then think in terms of halves. Divide the rectangle in half with a horizontal guideline—that's where the eyes go. Place the end of the nose halfway between the eyes and the bottom of the chin. Draw the lips halfway between the end of the nose and the chin.

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Drawing Guidelines

By drawing guidelines from the center of each eye to the edges of the lips, you get the correct width of the lips. The dotted lines indicate that the eyes are one eye's width apart.

The details, such as wrinkles and hair, are added only after the basic form has been established. If your hero's head doesn't look right, check it against these classic proportions and adjust it accordingly.

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Just as in the front view, the eyes in a side view are positioned in the middle of the head. Much of the head's mass appears behind the ear. Only the front portion of the head makes up the face.

The bottom of the ear and the bottom of the nose are drawn at the same height, as are the top of the ear and the contour of the eyebrow.

The chin should be strong and angular. The neck is thick and muscular.

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