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Now let's apply what we've learned, taking it step by step, and finish with a detailed figure. Most pros start with the second step, because the first step has become second nature. But no pro starts with the precision of the fifth step. They always sketch roughly first. After you've gotten the hang of it, you'll begin at the second step, too.

Drawing Figures Action

Continue to define the form in this way. This will give your drawing more authority.

Start with a simple line drawing. Keep it loose. Try to feel the flow and energy of the pose.

Sketch the large muscles and areas first. If a form has two sections, like an arm, sketch each section separately: first the upper arm, then the forearm. Sketch the upper leg, then the lower leg. Sketch the rib cage separately from the waist, and so on.

Continue to define the form in this way. This will give your drawing more authority.

Human Leg Sketch

Now start to smooth out the figure by erasing the construction lines. The care you've taken with the underlying framework has paid off in a solid-looking figure. Draw the hands and feet in detail, and begin to indicate some shading possibilities.

Suit your character up in an eyecatching outfit, and work out the details. The pros always add the fine points last. The beginner typically focuses on the details of the costume and tries to draw them early on, but keep in mind that the figure always suffers as a result.

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