How To Draw Hair

Your own hair doesn't look like a hat—why should your character's? First draw the head without hair, then decide what the hair style should be. Lines for hair should flow away from the scalp and continue in the direction(s) set by the particular style.

Instead of trying to draw each individual hair, draw large shapes and tufts. Don't make the hair appear too uniform.

For women, especially blondes, you can create the illusion of luster by bunching some black lines together, provided that these lines also flow in the same direction as the hair.

How Draw Different Hairstyles


Your character can get pulverized in a fight scene, thrown through an exploding building, and dumped in a toxic waste dump, but his hair's still gotta look good. What's more, you've got to make sure that your hero's hair style stays the same throughout the course of his career. Occasionally, a comic book's editorial staff will decide to change or update a character's appearance, in which case the entire character, including his costume, is reevaluated. Notice how this character's careless hairstyle (left) is actually well plotted. Shown on the opposite page are some standard types. You can make up your own, or combine the features of several.


There's a wide range of hair styles for women, far more than for men. The one you choose for your character should complement and harmonize with her appearance. A woman's hair is drawn with longer, more flowing strokes than a man's. Notice how the hair cascades off the shoulders (left). Notice, too, how the hairline starts higher on the female forehead, emphasizing its roundness.


outline the hair like a hat—it's not a helmet!

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