Facial Feature


As you draw your hero's face, consider the complex angles of his nose and ears. The nose begins at the forehead. About halfway down the nose is a slight indentation—that's where the bone ends and the cartilage begins. Although it isn't always noticeable, it is often indicated in comic book illustration because it gives a dramatic look. Pay close attention to the planes of the nose—top, sides, and bottom.

If you look closely at the interior of the ear (below, right), you'll notice a tilted Y shape. Use this shape when drawing your hero in profile.

The ears and the nose are the only two parts of the body that never stop growing. Therefore, when cdrawing an older character, make his nose and ears larger than normal.

How Draw Women Eyes


Breathtaking eyes increase the appeal of any female character, whether she's a good gal or a bad one. Keep in mind that the eyeball is first drawn round, not almond-shaped—it's the way the eyelid is attached to the eye that makes it look oval. The eyelid acts as a hood, creating a shadow along the top of the eyeball. The lashes on both lids become progressively thicker and darker as you work toward the eye's outer corner, though the bottom lashes are somewhat shorter.

To make the eyeball appear wet, add a highlight of white to the iris. If the highlight is too big, it will make your character look like she's staring, which will also happen if you show too much eyeball and not enough eyelid. You want to show one-third eyelid to two-thirds eyeball.

Get as much expression into the eyebrows as you possibly can. They are the key to conveying emotion. Unless a person is squinting or stunned, the shape of the eye doesn't change as dramatically as the eyebrows, which can be raised, lowered, furrowed, or arched.


Female characters are always drawn with full lips, which gives them a pensive, moody quality. The bottom lip ' usually fuller than the top one. The lips stretch horizontally around the surface of the face, so it's important to draw them as if they were wrapping around a cylinder. Do not draw the lips as straight lines.

To show gleaming, bright teeth, draw the shadows between them. (The shadows should become thinner toward the front of the mouth.) Use more shadows at the edges of the mouth to give the teeth the illusion of roundness. Unless you're trying to draw an angry, frightened, or otherwise severe expression, don't draw each individual tooth.

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