Building An Action

Comic book heroes and villains are made to move, jump, leap, and soar. But when you start to position your figure in dynamic poses, things can get tricky—unless you've taken care to maintain its essential building blocks. This is done by taking a moment to sketch out a solid rib cage, collar bone, pelvis, and the other major bones before executing the finished drawing.

Contrary to what your instincts might tell you, muscles alone do not make a character appear sturdy. Solid bone structure does. That's because all muscles are attached to bones, so unless you have a solid foundation of bones, those muscles will appear rubbery. But that doesn't mean that you must render a skeleton in painstaking detail. It can be done quickly, in a sketchy shorthand, as in these fine examples. While it's true that you'll erase many of these preliminary steps when you do the final "clean" version of your hero, your drawings will benefit immeasurably from them.

Step Step Hero Drawings

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