Anatomy Of The Hand

Hand Figure Drawing

Many beginning artists try to copy the dramatic hand poses of the pros without first taking a look at the basic construction of the hand. Don't make the mistake of guessing on this important anatomical feature. I can evaluate the caliber of an artist by his or her ability to draw hands—and so can everyone else.

Each finger has three distinct joints that are marked with creases on both sides of the hand.

Even on men's hands, the fingers taper at the ends.

Look at the skeletal diagram of the hand above. Familiarize yourself with the arrangement of the bones and joints.

DRAWING HANDS AT VARIOUS ANGLES Start with a big shape, then break it down into smaller shapes. Make sure to practice some turnarounds, an artist's term for rotating an object 360 degrees and drawing it from every angle (see pages 30-31).

Once you've gained some experience, you can draw "expressions" of the hand that are just as effective at conveying emotion as the face.

Note the various planes of the hand.

Anatomy Hand CartoonAnatomy Hand Cartoon

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