Using a computer program to make a handwritten font

One alternative to using preexisting type fonts is to create your own font. You can use your own handwriting or use a computer font program to help you produce your lettering. You can purchase one at any computer software retailer or order a copy on the Internet. Several software programs can help you accomplish this goal; two well-known programs are Fontifier and YourFonts. These programs provide you with easy, step-by-step instructions on what you need to do to take your own handwriting or hand lettering and make a font out of it.

In order to create your own font using one of these programs, follow these general steps:

1. Write out the alphabet in a style of your choice.

You can use your own daily handwriting or actually draw out the individual letters in a bolder, more stylized fashion. You may also want to write out the letters in rows of four letters each.

2. After you finish writing out the lettering to your satisfaction, scan the letters into the computer.

You may want to scan this in at 600 dpi or better so that the letters are crisp and clean.

3. Open up the font creation program and import the newly scanned alphabet images.

4. Follow the specific instructions on formatting.

When completing this process, the end result will be a new font file with the letters you created in it.

5. Upload the new font file to your computer's font manager, and the font will be available for you to use in a variety of programs, depending on what you have installed on your hard drive.

One thing you can't escape when using a type font is that the letters and lines of text appear uniform. This is especially noticeable with a regular text font, but it's also obvious in your own handwritten font. This uniformity creates an artificial and rigid appearance, which is caused by what's known as a baseline, or the line on which the letters sit. The baseline is there to make sure the typeface is straight and level and creates a uniform structure. The baseline is part of the font type program and is created automatically.

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