Spending time perfecting your skills

The art of lettering doesn't always come easily to cartoonists. The ability to letter clearly and legibly, and to make the lettering appealing and not stiff or forced, takes time and practice. Lettering is a separate skill from drawing, and you shouldn't neglect or overlook it. As your skills progress, you'll become more comfortable lettering and more confident at it.

Begin by sitting down with a pad of paper and practice drawing out your lettering. As you practice, you may want to use a ruler and create a horizontal baseline to use as a guide so that the bottom of all the letters sit on this line and create consistent spacing from the words below it. Draw a series of horizontal lines and place them on top of each other, spaced evenly apart so that they can accommodate regular-sized handwriting written out on each line.

You may choose to experiment with your own lettering style or mimic well-established lettering like a Serif style. Thousands of font styles are available. Buying a font style book or downloading a font guide from the Internet can help you create and draw your own lettering style.

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