Selling Your Work to Magazines

Another way to break in to the cartooning industry is by taking a stab with magazines. Take a quick glance through many magazines today and you'll be surprised to discover that all sorts of them run a cartoon or two in their monthly issues. Cartoons are published in a wide variety of magazines, ranging from Road & Track to Better Homes and Gardens.

H Magazines typically run what are known as gag cartoons, also called panel cartoons, which are cartoons that use only a single panel and are usually more sophisticated than comic strips. Magazine cartoons also rely more on the caption and punch line to tell the story and less on the art. Consequently, many of the more successful magazine cartoonists draw in a simple, minimalist style that highlights a sense of sophistication and is less "cartoony" than other genres.

Perhaps one of the most popular magazines that has a history of running sophisticated panel cartoons is The New Yorker, which runs cartoons from a staple of regular freelancers. If you think you can inject an intellectual, highbrow sense of humor into your work, contact The New Yorker at 4 Times Square, New York, NY 10036 to find out what type of material the magazine is looking for and what you need to do to submit.

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