Marketing to Greeting Card Companies

Another great way to get your foot into the cartooning business is through greeting cards. Greeting cards are a popular item and offer promising opportunities to an aspiring cartoonist. Someone has to draw all those amusing sketches, sight gags, and one-liners on all those humorous cards. Why not you?

Greeting cards come in a wide range of designs and cover all sorts of holidays, events, and special subjects. Many of these cards showcase cartoon gags or funny characters to deliver a message to that special someone. Hundreds of companies make greeting cards in the United States alone. If you think you may want to try your hand at creating some greeting cards and you think you're really good, two of the major greeting card companies are:

✓ American Greetings, 1 American Rd., Cleveland, OH 44144-2301.

✓ Hallmark, P.O. Box 419034, Mail Drop 216, Kansas City, MO 64141.

There are numerous smaller greeting card companies as well. This is just a brief list:

✓ Avanti Press, Submissions, 6 W. 18th St., 6th floor, New York, NY 10011.

✓ Comstock Cards, Production Dept. - Gaglines, 600 S. Rock Blvd., #15, Reno, NV 89502.

✓ Freedom Greetings, Art Submissions, 38A Park St., Medfield, MA 02052.

✓ Gallant Greetings, 4300 United Parkway, Schiller Park, IL 60176.

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