Knowing what pencil and paper to use

You may be ready to pick up a pencil but have questions about what type of pencil to use. Is any old pencil you pull out of the junk drawer okay? If you're planning to get serious about drawing, choosing a pencil and paper is a matter of personal preference. Go to an art store, ask the sales associate for some assistance, buy a few types and experiment until you find what feels most comfortable to you. The best bet is to try out many different types to see what works.

You'll probably be using a pencil to do light sketching and then inking over the light sketch with either a pen or brush and ink. With that in mind, I suggest you use a pencil that isn't too dark when applied to the paper and that you can easily erase after you've inked your line art.

Likewise, the paper you choose should feel good to you when you're drawing on it. The paper should provide the right surface for the tools you're using and help you achieve the type of line quality and performance you desire. Check out Chapter 3 for more discussion on the types of pencils, brushes, and paper available.

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