Keeping Track of Your Spacing

The spacing between your words and letters is important, whether you choose to use a type font or letter by hand. Keep the following in mind to keep your spacing looking good:

✓ If you hand letter: The tendency is to run the letters or words too close together. The end result is sloppy lettering that may not be easy to read. The best solution for this is to draw out guidelines so that each letter and word has a baseline. As you write out the text, you simply line up the bottom of each letter along the line, which creates a consistent space between the top line and the line below it.

✓ If you use a type font: The opposite of sloppy is often true. The end result is text that appears too perfectly spaced and stiff and doesn't look quite right against the backdrop of the rest of the hand-drawn art. To counter this, choose a font that appears to have more movement; this makes rigid spacing far less noticeable.

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