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When moviemakers begin production on their new picture, one of the most important things they need to consider is the layout. How will things look through the camera lens? One of the ways filmmakers do this is by story-boarding the movie. A storyboard is essentially a large comic strip of the film produced beforehand to help filmmakers see how things will play out.

Layout and design are crucial to the storyboarding process, and you should view comic strips in the same light. When designing your comic strip, think about layout as if you were making a movie. Layout is basically the collective relationship among the characters, backgrounds, how you decide to show each individual panel, and how these components all work together to tell a story.

Your cartoon, like a movie, cuts from shot to shot; some shots are close-ups and some are long shots. You may show some shots from a certain perspective to create drama, or you may show the characters in silhouette to break up a monotonous visual story line.

Your cartoon story will be more interesting and appealing to the reader if the art and layout changes from panel to panel and you avoid showing just a bunch of talking heads (although that's fine in some cases, if the story warrants it). Character placement, the perspective you choose, and the angles you use in each panel are all important aspects of a good layout that also add to your cartoon's appeal.

This section gives you the lowdown on putting together your cartoon's layout, knowing the differences between background and foreground, using shadows effectively, and adding important details.

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