Experimenting with your handwriting

When you write your lettering by hand, you can also experiment with different scripts, varying them with different cartoons or to change the mood or feel of a cartoon. Your options are endless, so take a notepad and try different ones. However, when you decide to go down this road, you need to make sure your lettering is consistent from cartoon to cartoon so that readers can easily identify your work. For example, you may create a standard-looking cartoon lettering in capital letters, like in Figure 13-8a. If you want to get a little more whimsical and fancy, you may try something that looks more handwritten, such as Figure 13-8b. Peruse the comics to get ideas for different types of scripts.

Figure 13-8:

Lettering styles can be diverse.

Feel free to come up with your own handwriting font.

EXPERIMENT come up with WITH LETTERS a Style that .TOMAND bWtKSforyou.

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