Drawing a chair

A chair is a common object that you'll probably put in your cartoons in some form or another when creating a story line with characters and their surroundings. Chapter 9 shows you how to draw a chair. To draw a chair from two-point perspective, which is probably the way you'll most frequently draw it, just line up each angle to the respective vanishing points on the horizon line. In two point perspective, vanishing points need to exist on the same horizon line. Figure 12-7 shows a chair from two-point perspective. You can see the parallel lines that indicate the two different angles as they go off in the direction of two separate vanishing points on the same horizon line.

Two Point Perspective Chair

If you want to draw the chair as if you were looking down at it from a balcony, you can draw it in three-point perspective. To do so, you need to draw the chair so that is has three different angles pointing in the direction of three different vanishing points.

These vanishing points can and should usually be far out of the parameters of the composition. As long as the angles are lined up and eventually will reach a vanishing point, the object will retain the right perspective and look natural. If you try to have the vanishing points meet in the drawing, the object will probably look distorted rather than natural. Figure 12-8 shows an example of a chair in three-point perspective. You can see the parallel lines that indicate the three different angles. Objects drawn in three-point perspective tend to look more dramatic.

Figure 12-8:

The chair in three-point perspective.

Figure 12-8:

The chair in three-point perspective.

How Draw Chair Perspective

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