Dotting the Eyes

The eyes are very important to your cartoon characters and play a major role in communicating to the reader and the other characters in the strip. The eyes are certainly the windows to the soul, but in the cartoon world they can also be the window to wackiness! You can draw eyes in a realistic fashion and then distort or enlarge them to show emotions like terror or frustration. Distorted or exaggerated eyes are a cartooning hallmark. This section walks you through how to draw basic eyes and how to distort them for full effect.

Before you can draw a cartoon eye, make sure you understand how to draw a realistic looking eye and all its parts. In this section, I look only at drawing an eye in black and white, because adding coloring to eyes is a more complicated process. (Check out Chapter 15 for ways to add color to your cartoons.)

Follow these steps to draw a realistic looking eye:

1. Start with eyelids.

Concentrate on the shape of the lids. Think of the lids as the frame of the eye. They frame the entire look. Sketch the eyelid by drawing a horizontal line across and another one that curves upwards towards the eye socket. See Figure 6-11.

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