Contents at a Glance

Introduction 1

Part J: Drawing Inspiration: Getting

Started with Cartoons and Comics 5

Chapter 1: The Skinny on Cartoons and Comics 7

Chapter 2: Looking at the Different Cartooning Genres 15

Chapter 3: Getting Your Workspace Ready to Go 33

Chapter 4: Starting with the Drawing Basics 49

Chapter 5: Coming Up with Ideas 65

Part JJ: Creating Cartoon Characters 81

Chapter 6: Starting from the Top 83

Chapter 7: From the Neck Down 107

Chapter 8: Designing Human Cartoon Characters 129

Chapter 9: Giving Inanimate Objects Personality 159

Chapter 10: Exploring Anthropomorphism: Creating

Animals and Other Creatures That Talk 183

Chapter 11: Drafting Editorial Cartoon Characters 205

Part JJJ: Cartoon Designs 101: Assembling the Parts... 227

Chapter 12: Putting Everything in Your Comics in Perspective 229

Chapter 13: The Art of Lettering 249

Chapter 14: Directing the Scene 263

Part JV: Cartooning 2.0: Taking Your Cartoons to the Next Level 273

Chapter 15: Cartooning in the Digital Age 275

Chapter 16: Making Cartooning Your Livelihood 295

Part V: The Part of Tens 313

Chapter 17: Ten Steps to a Finished Comic Strip 315

Chapter 18: Ten Secrets to Breaking in to a Cartooning Career 321

Index 329

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