Caricaturing just about anything

The art of caricature allows you to exaggerate whatever it is you're drawing. Although it's not required that you exaggerate your subject matter, I do highly recommend it, because exaggerating characteristics adds humor to your cartoons and gives them a whimsical look. The gentle stretching or distorting of even the most mundane household item can give it a bit more flair and charm.

When you're cartooning anything, think in terms of taking a regular picture and using Silly Putty on it. You may have done this as a kid. Take Silly Putty and press it down over a photograph in a newspaper or magazine. When you peel it off of the paper, the image appears on the bottom of the Silly Putty. You can stretch and distort the picture into all kinds of fun shapes. As you do this the image becomes exaggerated while still being recognizable. This principle is the key to the art of caricature.

Having Fun with Household Items

All cartoon characters need a place to live, so what better place to start your sketching than with their dwelling! You can find all sorts of great stuff to draw and caricature in a house. Depending on your cartoon, these items can be interesting background objects, or you can make them actual characters. For instance, just picture your cartoon with a toothbrush and toilet brush taking center stage! This section takes a look at how to draw a few common household items.

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