Becoming acquainted with your toolbar

Figuring out how to use Photoshop starts with a thorough understanding of all the features it contains. After you open your cartoon in Photoshop, several control panels appear on your desktop, one of which is long and narrow.

This toolbar (see Figure 15-3) is full of features that are helpful for cartoonists. To be able to fully utilize Photoshop and all its bells and whistles and to get the most out of the program, you need to familiarize yourself with this toolbar. Here are the main tools and what they do:

1. Burn tool: Darkens an image. To use this tool, just drag it over the image.

2. Cropping tool: This tool changes the size of the image. To use, select the area you want to crop and then press enter.

3. Dodge tool: The Dodge tool lightens an image. To use, drag the icon over the image you want to lighten.

4. Eraser tool: This can erase part of the photo in a certain layer. To erase everything in a certain area to make it white, flatten the image or go through every layer to delete that part.

5. Eyedropper tool: Samples a color from the picture, color swatches, or the color picker. To use, click on the color on the image you want to take and right-click.

6. Hand tool: Moves around an image within an object. Use with the Zoom tool when you want to adjust the section of picture you want to look at.

7. Lasso tool: The Lasso tool can select areas within a layer that can't be reached with the Marquee tool.

8. Magic Wand tool: The Magic Wand is an automatic selection tool. It selects everything in the layer.

9. Marquee tool: This is a group of tools that allows you to select rectangles, ellipses, and 1-pixel rows and columns.

10. Move tool: This tool moves around all objects within a layer. To move an entire image, flatten the layers by selecting Layer, then scroll to Flatten Image.

11. Paint Bucket tool: Makes an area one color. To edit all layers at one time, click on All Layers at the top of the window.

12. Pen tool: The Pen tool makes lines and can be used with shape tools to create different shapes. To create lines, use the Pen tool to create anchors (the little boxes on a line) and change the shape of the line by moving around the anchors.

13. Pencil tool and Brush tool: Draws or paints a line. Same as the Pencil or Brush tool in Paint. Change the color of the paintbrush by clicking on the color picker.

14. Sponge tool: The Sponge tool soaks color out of the image. Drag the tool over the section of the image you want to change to use.

15. Type tool: Puts text in a picture. Click on the picture with the Type tool and select a box the size of the area you want to add text. Type in the box, then adjust the size of the text box.

16. Zoom tool: Zooms in on part of the picture for closer editing.

17. Gradient tool: Use this to highlight a color and make it fade from dark to light.

18. Airbrush tool: Use this tool to create a soft spray and clouding technique.

19. Blur tool: Use this tool to soften sharp edges.

20. Measure tool: Use this tool like you would a ruler.

21. Rubber Stamp tool: Use this to replicate the same pattern or image.

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Figure 15-3: 11

Learning g to use the toolbar is essential to becoming an efficient cartoonist.

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