Point Perspective

Point Perspective Car



Two Point Perspective: When the object being viewed lies at an angle to the viewer, as in the second sketch example, all the horizontal lines appear to converge. This therefore introduces a second vanishing point on the horizon. Where the vanishing points fall on the horizon line depends on the angle of the object to the viewer. Looking at picture two you can see that if the vehicle were turned so that more of the side was visible, then the right vanishing point would move to the right and out of the image.Wheel Ellipses: Getting correct ellipses when drawing a car is probably the hardest part of perspective. Getting it absolutely correct will probably not add anything to your drawing, but getting it wrong however will make your drawing look very odd. If you look at a circle at an angle of 90 degrees then what you see is indeed a circle. Once you start to reduce the angle you view the circle from, it starts to appear to be an ellipse. An ellipse has a Major Axis and a Minor Axis. In picture three you can see where these are situated on an ellipse. The Major Axis divides the ellipse into two equal halves along the longest dimension, whilst the Minor Axis divides the ellipse into two equal halves along its shortest dimension. Although not technically complete (the full explanation is long, more complicated and not generally required when sketching) a good rule of thumb is that you should always align the Minor Axis with the axle of your vehicle. The Major Axis, and therefore the longest dimension of the ellipses should therefore run perpendicular to your axle line. Finally, how do you ensure that the angle of your ellipse is correct?

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