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Contents: 45 EBooks, Softwares, And Videos
Author: David O Connell
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Race Specialist Definitive Horse Racing Method For Low Risk Winning

racespecialist Summary

Format: Ebook
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Pastel Painting Secrets

These pastel art lessons books will teach you painting with pastels. Step by step painting as well as all the information that you will need to know. Read more...

Pastel Painting Secrets Summary

Format: Ebook
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Running A Micro Business Or Homeschool Organization

I sell several information products that affiliates may wish to promote on their websites:..Homeschool products.Visit for a complete listing.Money Management for Homeschool Organizations (ebook)..The IRS and Your Hom...
Running A Micro Business Or Homeschool Organization. Start a Micro Business. Ebooks For Micro Business Start-ups. E Books For Homeschool Group Leaders. Ebook On Taxes For Teenagers Written By A Carol Topp, Cpa. Accounting And Business Issues Explained In A Easy-to-understand Way. Read more...

Does a Teenager Owe Taxes Summary

Format: Ebook
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Price: $10.00

The Cartoon Express

The Cartoon Express, launched in 2007, is the brainchild of illustrator/designer Andre Adams. After years of illustrating watching his collection of spot art mount, Andre decided to consolidate them all and create a libaray of his work, available to anyone in need of quality cartoon art at ridiculously reasonable prices. The Cartoon Express images have been created, and are licensed to you, for use in newspapers, brochures, catalogs, ads, editorial, websites, and other such communication material. Read more...

The Cartoon Express Summary

Contents: Over 300 Illustrations
Creator: Andre Adams
Official Website:
Price: $50.00

Composition Figure

Composition Human Figures

Page numbers in italics refer to the sites of relevant captions abdominal muscles 32, 35 action poses 62-85, 81 age, ageing 51, 66, 113 anatomy 29-51,30-51 apoplectic habitus 114 apple-cheekedness 110 Arabian Nights, The 146, 147 Aristotle 121 arms 31, 38-9 balance 63-7, 67, 70, 74, 77 barrelling 127 Bauhaus School 57 biceps 32, 33,33, 38 biceps femoris 32 Blyton, Enid 147, 147 body language 116-17 body types 114-15 Bodywatching Morris 117 Bolton Standards of Dentofacial Developmental Growth...

Alvaro Castagnet Workshop

Alvaro Castagnet

For some years now I have taught in Australia touring different states and cities. On one occasion I was in Melbourne and the organizer of the workshop hosted a party for me to which he invited all the top artists in the Melbourne area. It was a great evening and there was a tremendous sense of camaraderie. I soon became aware that I had been introduced to a nucleus of world-class watercolorists. In my travels around the world I haven't before encountered so much talent in one small area. David...

About Walter Foster

Painting Different Cloud Formations

Walter Foster was born in Woodland Park, Colorado, in 1891. In his younger years, he worked as a sign painter and a hog salesman. He also performed in a singing and drawing vaudeville act. Walter invented the first postage stamp vending machine and drew political caricatures for several large newspapers. He's well known as an accomplished artist, art instructor, and art collector. In the 1920s, while running his own advertising agency, Walter began writing self-help art instruction books. The...

Head Tilts and Turns

Drawing Female From Behind

What gives our modern leading man his sleek look Primarily, it's the contour line that flows from the zygomatic arch the cheekbone just behind the eye down to the chin. This creates a separate plane out of the front of the face, narrowing almost to a triangle. You can see this separate, but distinct, plane in every pose, no matter which way the head tilts. Ever wonder why all the guidelines drawn on the face are curved instead of straight It's because the head is round, not flat. Think of the...

How to Draw and Paint

How Draw Batman Beyond Flying Air

Collector's Series books are excellent additions to any library, offering a comprehensive selection of projects drawn from the most popular titles in our How to Draw and Paint series. These books take the fundamentals of a particular medium, then further explore the subjects, styles, and techniques of featured artists. CSOJ, CS02, CS04 Paperback, J44 pages, 9 x 12 CS03 Paperback, 224 pages, 10-1 4 x 9 The Artist's Library series offers both beginning and advanced artists many opportunities to...

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