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Anatomy as Shape

Human Body Anatomy Draw

Forceful shapes can get more specific. I want to discuss some powerful theories about the anatomy of the body that pertain to force and rhythm as seen by forceful shape. The body, as I said earlier, is built to move. Its musculature is set up in traverse angles from one area in the figure to another. These relationships allow it to perform. If you work out or you are a physical therapist, you know exactly what I am talking about. The biceps are opposite in f unction to the triceps. The biceps...

No Forward Articouwon Here

Charcoal Drawing The Human Posture

Upright posture is maintained by the sacrospinalis muscles in the back, which bind the spine tightly to the pelvis and hold the torso erect, and by the gluteus maximus muscle of the buttock, which holds the trunk upright on the legs. As we noted in Chapter 2, strong ligaments at the front of the groin prevent backward articulation of the thigh, while others at the back of the knee prevent forward articulation of the knee joint. In a normal standing posture, the hip is slightly forward of the...

Boys Over Flowers Anime

Drawing Anime Faces Lookingup

In nos. 1-6, new information is added to the box. Similar to the revised drawings featured on the previous pages, the amount of information contained in the drawings done at the level of an absolute beginner is different to that in advanced work. This is illustrated by the difference between nos. 1 and 8. The observer the person who set the task of drawing the boxes would be expecting only to see what was asked for, that is, a square box. Nos. 6 to 8 exceed these expectations. You cannot say...

Anime Woman Sketch

Drawing Face Acrowd

The femur thigh-bone is fitted into the pelvis at a ball-and-socket joint which offers free forward movement with some sideways and rotary articulation. Backward movement can only be effected by tilting the pelvis. The bones of the neck are the seven cervical vertebrae that comprise the upper portion of the spine. The large muscles which affect the shape of the neck are the trapezius at the back and, at the front, the sternomastoids, which run from the back of the ear down towards the inner...

The Foot

Anatomical Drawings Feet

A s the little finger side is the heel side of the hand, so the outside of the foot is the heel side. It is flat upon the ground, continuous with the heel it is lower than the inside even the outer ankle bone is lower and it is shorter. The inside, as though raised by the greater power of the great toe and the tendons of all the toes, is higher. To the front of the ankle is the knob that corresponds with the base of the thumb. Opposite it, on the outside, is a similar knob corresponding with...

T Standing on Knees

Manga Position

The secret to drawing the lower abdomen and crotch lies in how you capture the gentle slope oi the abdomen in the curved lines of the underpants. Front view from a slightly elevated angle The secret to drawing the lower abdomen and crotch lies in how you capture the gentle slope oi the abdomen in the curved lines of the underpants. Front view from a slightly elevated angle Side view The crotch does not touch the floor. When the legs turn outward, the buttocks are pulled apart and the crevice...

Here We Go

Learn Draw Caricatures

The proportions of your little figures may be varied in any sort of way. Below we show a variety of comic exaggerations. We shall start at once to put them into action. There will always be movement of the parts. Draw this page carefully and become thoroughly familiar with the movement of each part. Take any jointed doll if possible, one jointed at the waist. This fellow was a plain wooden art-store man-nikin. In order to make him exist for you as something more than wooden chunks, I dolled him...


The standing figure generally presents fewer problems, because each part of the body can be clearly visualized. In cases where there is a problem with the body's proportions, we can always turn to the classical law of proportion. Representations of the human body are rarely symmetrical. Artists always try to draw the model when it is out of balance, making a motion with its arms, or in a determinate position. The frontal, symmetrical view is used only in handbooks for studying the body's...

Basic Drawing Techniques

Real Scene Three Point Perspective

Taking action by adding effect lines for light also works. Classifying your note books into volumes like nature settings, buildings and various effects is When you find skillfully managed backgrounds in manga magaanes and the is a good idea to collect them in a saapbook for your own reference when you draw. Taking action by adding effect lines for light also works. First, give some shape to the main buildings. Draw the surroundings paying attention to the perspective lines using the...

Center Line

Place a center line on the visible side for a simple standing posture. Pay close attention to the movement of the waistline Place a center line on the visible side for a simple standing posture. Imagine a center line that goes with the flow of movement as sometimes the center line on visible side may be shrunk because of the back being bent and so on. Clirued line Of Using curved movement lines enables mouement y u to draw s000' posture and flow It will stabilize the drawing if you draw frontal...

Striking with the Palm of the Hand

How Draw Manga Getting Slapped

The pros draw the wrist twisting over like this. The pros draw the wrist twisting over like this. Draw a slightly low-angle facing the chin upward Draw a slightly low-angle facing the chin upward 1 Right before impact - The line of sight looks towards the hand. 3 While being hit -To make it look like a slap, don't raise the shoulder of the attacked-character. 2 Moment of impact - One of the eyes gets pressed closed. You can draw both eyes closed too. 3 While being hit -To make it look like a...

How To Draw Manga Clothes

Udzenia Optyczne Prezentacja

Maybe if I add ink it will look better. Maybe if I add ink it will look better. Draw because you like it. Never forget the pleasure of creating and drawing. The essence of improving your manga is to have fun doing it. The only way to improve is to use your eyes. Get to the bottom of what and why things don't look right and fix them. Get to the bottom of what and why things don't look right and fix them. It's hard to admit your own mistakes. But you won't be able to improve as an artist unless...

Drawing Hands And Feet

One Direction Manga

Look at the gap, with fingers both closed and opened of this part. The thumb can move most freely of all the fingers. Use this bone as a start up base and begin drawing the thumb. The thumb can move most freely of all the fingers. Put the finger block onto the back of the hand. Put the finger block onto the back of the hand. There is always a gap between fingers. Start drawing the raised part of the thumb onto the top drawing. When looking from the side, you will see the raised portion of the...

Drawing the Muscles

The muscles are the driving force of the body, putting the figure in action, in motion. Knowing how they move is a great help, because drawing figures in motion means putting visual memory into practice, even when the period of time is very brief. The interesting part of drawing things in motion is discovering, and learning how to depict, the essence of that movement the tense muscles of an athlete, the equilibrium of a ballerina, the speed of a runner. The different muscular tensions are...

The Problem of the Lower Limbs

The muscles m the lower limbs present a more complex form, but after a detailed analysis you will be able to recognize each of them. The lower limbs are made up of two essential parts the thigh, where the quadriceps and the sartorius muscle lies, and the leg itself, which consists of the bulk of the tibiae and the calves. The knee lies between these two parts. The knee is the joint that articulates both of these parts, and it should look rounded and prominent when it is drawn. Notice that if...

The Open Drawing

In suggesting the form instead of explaining it completely, the open drawing requires a more poetic treatment, allowing the spectator to complete it in her own imagination. The open drawing, through its brevity and immediacy, can also be a medium for crystallizing ideas. It is accomplished by suggesting certain areas rather than completing them, subtracting a fragment of the drawing for the purpose of interesting the viewer or drawing her attention toward that point and allowing her imagination...

Strndrrd Human Bodv Structure

Teknik Manga Head

The orbit of movement of the shoulder and arm. The deltoid muscle is positioned here. The elbow position when the arms are lowered. The trapezoid wil stretch or shrink depending on the l movement. A When you cannot figure out the length of the arm when it is stretched horizontally, use as a guideline the length when it is raised. When this length is calculated, then The crotch has a small gap through the thighs, when the legs are closed. it will be easy to imagine the length of this portion....

The Line of Action or Strength

For a figure to attain an impression of equilibrium and rhythm, it is necessary for it to have an internal line, an imaginary line that extends across the length of the figure, in order to articulate its rhythmic effect. This structural line, known as the line of action, should be the basis for any drawing of a pose or movement. Working with lines of force allows us to approach the internal rhythm without the figure becoming unbalanced. When constructing a pose, it is preferable to first...

The Heroic Female Figure

Draw Girl Body Line

The heroic female figure has a fairly wide collarbone, resulting in square, well-muscled shoulders. A woman's rib cage, bones, and all of her muscles are smaller than a man's. Her torso tapers sharply at the waist, but her pelvis is wider. As a rule, comic book women are drawn with more curves, while the men are drawn with more heavy angles. For detailed information on how to draw comic book heroines, see Beautiful But Deadly, pages 56-75. The center of balance is an imaginary vertical line...

Movement In The Mannikin Frame

Movement The Mannikin Frame


Cam follower motions

Grooved Cam Follower

1 Uniform velocity This motion is used where the follower is required to rise or fall at a constant speed, and is often referred to as straight-line motion. Part of a uniform-velocity cam graph is shown in Fig. 24.2. Abrupt changes in velocity with high-speed cams result in large accelerations and cause the followers to jerk or chatter. To reduce the shock on the follower, the cam graph can be modified as indicated in Fig. 24.3 by adding radii to remove the sharp corners. However, this action...

The Mouth analysis and structure

Drawing Human Body For Fashion Design

The mouth is made up of two moving parts, the smaller and broader upper lip and the larger and fleshier lower lip. Where the lips join corresponds to a point one-third across each eye AA' BB' . The trapezoidal sulcus is found between the nose and the mouth, its central axis dividing the mouth exactly into two equal parts. Sketches of mouths from different perspectives. Seen in profile the upper lip is more exposed than the lower. All of the visualizations are drawn with the help of lines of...

The Fashion Plate

Fashion Body Sketches

When you portray a human body it is necessary to remember that you are depicting something that is alive, and in the specific case of fashion design, it is fundamental to observe closely the typical movements which characterize the poses adopted by the models. They are movements which are supple, trim and nimble. The fashion model walks in a way that is absolutely unique, turns and swings her hips in a wonderful way, stops and poses in ways which defy gravity. The reaction to the gait of a...

Finishings And Trimmings

Plain Coat Drawing

Technically by elements of finishing we understand all of those features that characterize the pattern pleats, flounces, crimping, drapes, necks, pockets . By trimmings we understand the individualization of particular features and accessories which make the item of clothing distinctive and elegant buttonings, lapel facings, seams, buttons, appliqu s, etc. . In the following pages various types of patterns of finishings and trimmings both basic and sophisticated are shown, The examples are...

Forms And Structures

Curves Drawing

The hand is not a flat, two-dimensional shape without volume. It is a dynamic, three dimensional body form, energetic and complex, each of its forms and structures interrelated. In this chapter we will look at it from various angles in space and depth, noting its curves and rhythms and examining the bulk, sizes, shapes, and masses of its individual parts and their relation to the whole. The main masses of the upper and lower ami are good example of the principle of contraposition one form being...

Ctfrright by eadiktard muybrijg

The Figure Motion

Photographed synchronously from T vo points of vlf.w. Model 37. Time intervals '042 second. For some similar phases, from the original work, see page 201. c fright, 1ss7, fy E ixx rd MuybfUfc c fright, 1ss7, fy E ixx rd MuybfUfc Photograph u gt synchronously prom Two Points ok View. Time-intervals '057 second. For one of these phases, from the original work, see page 219. lt b k d t rjxfm mfat. fries 12 ATHLETE. RUNNING AND PICKING UP A BALL. Photographed synchronously from Two Points of View....

Weight balance movement

Contrapost Drawing

Every body has a center of mass an imaginary point where gravity grabs a hold and pulls you down. Because the upper body is heavier than the legs, this point is located somewhat above the middle in a human being, in the underbelly between the tops of the hip bone crests. That is, if you're standing up straight. As soon as you bend over, extend an arm, or stick out your tongue, the point of mass moves along. To determine if a figure is balanced or not, draw a plumb line from the center of mass...

Anatomical Landmarks And Surface Stress

Anatomy Arm Drawings

The artist can truly understand surface forms only by knowing their underlying structures and their form and behavior under tension, stress, and activity, Wc are still dealing with anatomy in this chapter, but from the viewpoint of dominant surface stress. The skeletal detail below shows the broad lower end of the humerus from which two bony prominences emerge, the condyles A A2 . These are part of the joint which articulates with the lower arm bone. The inner condyle A is remarkably extended,...

The Upper Body

Manga Upper Body

The upper body, or torso, is certainly the most important anatomical part of the female figure its extreme plasticity and shape make it an important protagonist in so many ways. Stylists like to place it in evening dress with a surprising decolletage or to emphasize its curvaceousness in highly feminine suits. The upper body is the key to the fashion plate and knowing how to reproduce it perfectly from every angle and in its every movement is a sign of great artistic ability, By contrast, an...

Simplifying the body

Gesture Drawing Benting Human Figure

A common way to simplify the body is to draw a manikin from balls and cylinders. Looks a lot like the little wooden models you can buy at any art store, right The head is somewhat closer to the shape of a skull, and the pelvis is closer to the shape of a real one. And while a normal wooden manikin has its shoulders held to the torso with bits of wire, ours has alien anti-gravity technology. This allows them to move around like a real shoulder can. In the side view you can see how the chest and...

Frcirl Expression

Manga Angry

The body part that shows expression of the heart most is the face. When the expressions of the character are drawn vividly, your work will be impressive indeed. The body part that shows expression of the heart most is the face. The louder the laugh, the more the heart is expressed. The mouth opens wider and more voice wants to come forth. Depending upon the degree of laughter, the eyes narrow. When happy, the outside facial muscle loosens and eyebrow, eyes and mouth are drawn in a curved line....

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