Station Point

AREA BEYOND PAINTING L About 10 ft, of actual width ul baseline of picture.

Few artists ever stop to realize that in outdoor painting they are really painting a huge pie-shaped slice of the stretch of landscape before them. The importance of realizing this is manifold.

First, the baseline of the painting represents comparatively few feet, while the distance may represent miles across the picture. In the diagram above, note that the baseline of the picture represents only about ten feet. Approximate this line in front of you by sighting beyond the bottom corners of your canvas to the ground with your eye opposite the middle line of your canvas. (AB and AC). Draw fore ground material between B and C. You can lay stones at the points B and C and sight in vertical lines above them to find how much distance you should include. The vertical lines arc the right and left edges of your painting. These lines actually fan out to the horizon and distance. This keeps the foreground in corrcct relation to the distance. The horizon of the picture should be at the eye-level of the painter, and you will find it easiest to paint if you set your canvas so the two coincide.

Thus, by first establishing the actual area of landscape to be incorporated into your canvas you can paint all material the same size as you sec it.

THREE-DIMENSIONAL EYE TRAINING The contours of any object will fit within a rectangle or box. By studying the shape of the object, we can visualize a box around it of appropriate proportions. First sketch the- box, then draw the objcct to fit within the box, in similar perspective. You thus train your eye to see the solidity of the form, rather than just its contours. The child usually draws contours without perspective.

This is particularly helpful when wc arc drawing round objects. It also aids us in drawing correct and true ellipses in good perspective as related to the eye-level at which we are viewing the object. Everything in a picture should be drawn from a single viewpoint or eye-level.

If you learn to visualize the box, you won't have much difficulty in rendering the object in correct proportion. Try to locate the corners of the box, just where they would appear around the object. This is not always as simple as it may seem.

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