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Now it becomes what, how, which combination, what is the essence of the feeling and how do I paint

(describe) it, how do I start? I had a folder here with great color schemes somewhere ... now which one was that ? How can I encapsulate the feeling, yet be subtle and convincing? What forms/ lines/textures/patterns/color/ can I apply?

But, just think; when it is all over - and if it all works out brilliantly, you can wildly celebrate, wake up hungover and start all over again.

Now where did I put that red folder with the picture of Englishman on safari in the pith helmet, the Las Vegas showgirl and that picture of the Florida swamp ... and the tree monkey ... actually this is the picture I am painting at the moment.

I reversed the explorer ...

OK, so now I have combined all the elements including a few others hidden in various places Plus a monkey and an duck ... when you are on a roll don't even hesitate!

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