Pattern And Repetition

Some of the most effective designs are the simplest. The head is centrally positioned.

The horizontal line of the eyes is 'golden' approx 3:5 up the canvas.

The two vertical straight lines provide the 'discord' to the circular patterns.


The hard edges of the pearl (which I think is really a silver ball) eyes, and face make them all equally smooth and spherical. Here again we encounter repetition. The eyes and the pearl, because they are more reflective, have sharper and more defined highlights. The 'pearl' also shows an extra luminosity by its secondary reflection of the white of girls collar (Fig 3)


TURNING POINT (Fig 1 and Fig 2)

The transition area from light to shadow is the key to this picture. The transition color between the flesh tones is the background color (Fig 1). The transition values from left to right in Fig 2 are 8-6-4-2-4. The background value ranges between 1-2


The reflection of the collar on the girl's jaw shows the artist's skill but does it really exist to the extent shown here? What is the color inside the girl's mouth? Here it is highlighted for effect. These elements show the artist's deliberate and personal touch.

STUDENT ACTIVITY: Pick a painting you like and analyise it by design, texture, pallet and repitition.

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