Illustrating Fables and Legends

Painters have been doing this for ever - from cave painters to artists at the end of the 20th Century. Sadly there is little of it today but... this gives the versatile and patient painter an excellent chance to fill the gap!

To understand the importance of such paintings as Gerome's 'Police Verso', shown above, one only needs to understand that the whole visual feel and detail of the very successful 'Gladiators' movie was, according to the director Ridley Scott, based entirely around such 1890's work. It is a shame Gerome is not around to claim his legacy. Someone who was however is H R Giger whose paintings and drawings were the inspiration for Scott's 'Alien' movies. These works in turn related back to Goya and Blake's 19th century gothic works.

Others might include:

• Any Shakespearean theme

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