Painting lines in seascapes that define the horizon.

You will note in the example above I have neglected to show exactly where the sea ends and the sky begins. We all know that if the day is clear and you are standing on a seashore you will see a definite line separating the sea from the sky ... unless you are atop a high mountain and looking out to sea. In the former instance you are looking only 7 miles to the horizon and in the latter maybe 100 miles or more. Obviously there is more atmosphere that gets in the way over 100 miles and therefore the separation line tends to disappear.

In my painting above ... and in many other of my seascapes ... I make the deliberate decision to allow the conceptional idea that you can sea (see) forever to take precedence over nature. It is also less distracting. My advice is to consider if the horizon line helps or hinders your composition before making your decision.

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