Ambiguous Or Decadent Lines

What if we alter a form that is female, by virtue of long hair, stockings, high-heeled shoes and by adding 'male'

body lines? Remembering our defined lines ... say we flatten the muscles, make the joints a little more angular (aged). What will this do to the 'look'? Perhaps something like the work of this famous painter

By now you are aware of why I call these lines ambiguous lines, but why decadent? The artist's intention is clear as these are lines in the process of decay and deterioration. But more to the artist's intent they are a mixture of a dual sexuality. This facility, a painter or drawer can employ, to alter the nature of a form by the deliberate use of line or form is a powerful (and sometimes cruel) tool indeed. You will note the alteration of the left forearm so the muscles are flattened from their usual rounded feminine form. The employment of such devices probably tells us more about the painter than the sitter and that is not very professional.

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