When kittens are born, their mother licks them with her rough tongue to clean them and to help them start to breathe. The babies' eyes are shut, and their little noses cannot smell very well. They know where their mother is because they can feel her purring. After only five weeks, the kittens will be running and playing.

1 Start your kitten with a circle for the head.

2 Then add a body with a very short neck.

3 Draw the short ears. Then draw the legs and tail—they should be not too fat and not too thin.

4 Now draw the eyes. Notice how they are shaped—like almonds. Draw a little nose and mouth. Complete your kitten with tiny lines . at the tips of the paws.

Baby Kitten DrawingKitten Baby DrawingKitten Baby Drawing

Baby goats love to run and play. And they are full of curiosity. They like nothing better than to explore every corner of the farmyard. Baby goats are always hungry! They may even nibble rope, wood, or a piece of cloth. These babies drink lots of milk. Milk helps them to grow big and strong.

2 Add the neck. Draw a larger oval for the body.

1 Start with an oval for the head.

3 The ears are a bit large, and the tail is small. Draw long lean legs that are good for running and playing. Add two little points to the bottom of each foot for the goat's hoofs.

4 Then add eyes, a nose, and a mischievous smile.

How Draw Baby Goats

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