A baby dog is a

A puppy will share your happy times and cheer you up when you are sad. Your little pet will play with you for hours or sit quietly at your feet. A puppy will listen to all your secrets and never tell anyone—what a good friend!


How Draw Caricatures MouthsDrawing Baby Dog

1 Start your puppy with a circle for the head.

2 Draw a sausage shape for the neck and body.

3 Then add soft, floppy ears and a short pointed tail. Draw legs that are not very long, with three big toes on each paw.

4 Next draw the eyes, a big, black wet nose, and a wide happy mouth. Don't forget the tongue.

Baby Dog Drawing Baby Puppy Noses

When this calf is grown, she will be big and gentle and friendly. She will eat grass and grains, and she will produce lots of milk. She'll make enough milk to feed calves of her own—and you and your family, too!

1 Start your calf with a circle for the head and a short box-shaped snout.

2 Draw a wide neck. The body looks a little like a rectangle, but its corners are rounded.

3 Draw ovals for the ears. Make the legs short and strong.

4 Now draw a little line in the middle of each foot, for the calf's hoofs. Draw a long tail with some hair on the end. Add two dots for the eyes, two dots for the nose, and a mouth.

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