Or perhaps just subcategories of these groups:

• Children who refuse to talk

• Adults who don't accept responsibility

• Criminals who rape

• Psychotics who regress

• Borderlines who both love and reject

The difficult client is frequently defined on the basis of the therapist's beliefs, morals, prejudices, fears, and worries: a self-concept of the therapist projected onto the client or a label that protects the therapist's feelings of helplessness when he or she is faced with a client who is resistant to the process of therapy. As people, we want to be liked and well regarded; as therapists, we want to be effective. Yet the difficult client does not engender those feelings. Instead the interaction is often distant, demanding, and frustrating.

Drawing the Line: Art Therapy with the Difficult Client is an examination of how the blending of expressive arts and psychotherapy can both support and enhance the professional in his or her clinical practice.

I have endeavored to write this book with both the mental health professional and the novice in mind. Therefore, I explain not only the fundamental principles and techniques of art therapy but also how to effectively merge the tradition of art psychotherapy with that of conventional verbal therapy.

Designed as a look from within as well as without, this book offers practical and theoretical information on defense mechanisms; developmental stage theories; projective testing and drawing analysis; art therapy directives; and case histories from individual, group, and family art therapy. Additionally, it is filled with voices and artwork taken directly from my fourteen years of experience as a licensed marriage family therapist with a master's degree in clinical art therapy.

The difficult client requires a specialized approach, and it is my hope that the methods offered herein will benefit both the therapist and the client in the therapeutic process.

Lisa B. Moschini, MA, LMFT

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