Half Naked

Most people think that drawing a ri sn ime c hara cter witho utcl othe is a lot e asier, tut it is the opposite The reason for Ihis is because a nistake on the clothes are notresily nctic eabl e, un less when looking at itv eiy carefulty. But a cha racterwith out clothe... ie if you draw abreast a tit offthen p eople will notic e it right away. Th erefo re, w hen drawing a cha racter wth littl e clothing make su reth atal I the body palssre proportions^ to each other.

The chara cter isfacing left a nd d owiwsrd Th erefo re, d raw the c ross facin g down left. In ad ditio n, de pend ing o n how m uch the h ead is fac ing I eft, o ne s hould draw the two eye s with the head turning The more the head isturnhg left, then the more the left eyes ha</e to be closerto the cress aid the ricfit eyes have to be fa rthe r away from th e cross. Sam e thin g go eswith the face line, the left face line sto uld b e closert o the left eyes and the f ace I ine o n the righ t sid e sho uld b e fa rther awa y fro m the righ t eye s. The ncse sho uld b e fac ing I eft si nee the fa ce is facing left an d the mouth shoiid be clcserto the left fa ce lin e.


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