Front View

Drawing Face View Anime

Make sure that the hp is not as wide asthe shoulder. If you want to make the cha-acter locks like a super mode I the n ma ke th e wa et th in a rd t he sh ould er sh ould be w rJer t han the h ip an d the leg shou Id be n ice a nd lo ng.

Drawing the front view is h side rtha n drawing the side view and the back view. Th efront view shows everything about th e character's appe aran ce to her characte ristic s Below is an e<ample of drawing a frontv lew.

The character is drawn turn a bits ide/v ay event hough she is supposed tofacefrort. We do this bee a use it wil I ma ke it more realistic and rrakeit lock rrorelike 3D character. The onty thng you realty reed to wor ry ab out d raw ng th e fro nt vi ew b eside th e fac e is the b reast srid the wast. The bottom cifthe breast shou Id be above th e rri d len gth of the bed y an d if w ant t o make the breast largerthen d raw it cut ward a nd vi c e ve rse to rna ke it sma Her. The body shoul d be drawn inwsrd after th e bre ast to rrta ke t he waist t hinne r. And outward for the hip

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