Drawing an anime character is easy, but drawing them wit h emotion is a lot harder. To make an anime c haracter with emotion all cne need to do is ch ange their eyebrow, eyes and mouth. By d oing these change s a chara cter can have many different e< pressions. The re a re many emctions one can draw, bit we will only show you the four most common ty used. In this case, normal, disappointment, a ngty and calmness expression will be sh own here.


How Draw Utah Raptor

Normal expression can be done by having the eyebrow bow downward. Themouth can be normal with ju st a curve line or it can be dr awn as a n op en m outh. As for the eye sjustdrawth em as you usually do.

Disappointment / Sad

Drawn Anime Sad

Disappointment / Sad

D isa pp oirt ment exp re ssi o n it caribe done by having the ey ebro w si ante d up sugg estin g di sapp oirt or sa d F urthe rmo re, if you want to make it mo re sad 1h en h ave t he m outh ope n a little bit

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