Drawing an anirne character who is dreaming or thinking of something very deeply is not that hard to do There are two things one need to do; the first is draw the head looking a bit up; the second draw more spark on the eyes. This work the same for serious ariime arid regular anime characters and for both male and female character.

Anime Things Draw

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How Draw Anime Clothes


Anime Drawing Eyes Both Male And Female


Drawing an anirne character for the winter scene is a bit harder than a summer scene. The reasons for this is because the character requires to wear thick clothes arid therefore, it will have more folding. Nevertheless, please watch the folding wh en drawing an anime character wearing thick jacket or sweater.

Wear Jacket Cartoon


How Draw Kimono AnimeHow Draw Anime Clothes

Norrrallyt he female cha racier would have a scarf on

Scar fare rarely seen on male anime character.


Winter Anime


The Dreaming Manga Title

The details should be concentrated on the neck with the scarf wrapping around her neck.

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