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In this section, you will learn how to draw an anime face. Drawing anime face is very difficult for first timer, but with practice it can be done easily.

Asyou are learning how to draw anime character, the first thing you should realize that every character you draw should st3it with the head. Before you actually start drawing, you will need to centre the head by drawing a little cross as shown below. However, you will probably notice that most the anime characters you see are usually facing left or right and you hardly see them facing toward you. The reason for this is because when you make them facing right or left it" makes the characters look more "3D".

Facing Left

Facing Toward

Facing Right

Down Left


Down Right

Drawing the eyes is probably the most important thing for an anime character. Therefore, we have decided to break it into two parts. The first part will show you the type of eyes are available for drawing and the second part will teach you how to draw the eyes in detail. There are thousand of ways to draw an eye, but for now you only need to know the three basic type of eyes: oval, triangle and rectangle. The three styles work for both male and female character. The oval eyes are your typical "Happy Anime Character" or "Cute type" as some of you may call them. It's probably the most common eyes you will see when you are watching your favorite anime show. The triangle eyes are your typical "Mean Anime Character or "Your Bad Guys Character". You don't see much triangle eyes when watching anime, but occasionally you see some bad guys with triangle eyes. The square/rectangle are your "Average Anime Character or "Innocent Girl/Boy" looking type. You will notice that most of the anime you see on TV will contain rectangle eyes which will make them look more innocent. When drawing the eyes you should take your time 3nd draw them carefully. The eyes will make your character what they are, therefore, one should spend at least a large amount of time practice drawing the eyes. M ost importantly, when drawing the eyes, tiy not to forget the top and bottom eye lashes, the sparkling in the apple of the eyes and colour the apple carefully.

Q 0 Oval Happy Character / Cute type

Drawing Happy Eyes

Face looking right.

Triangle Mean Character / Bad Character

Right Triangle Character

Face looking right.

Innocent Anime Eyes Drawings

Square.'Rectangle Average Character / Innocent Type

Face looking right.

As mention earlier, the eyes is the most important thing in an anime character, it makes the character what they are. As shown below this section will teach one how to draw square/rectangle eyes type. If y ou can draw this then you will have no problem drawing the triangle or the oval eyes type because they work the same.

Basic Drawing Girl

Square / Rectangle

The first thing you should do for a beginner is to draw 3 cross. The cross you see below are facing 3 bit just toward the left. It is not fully facing straight toward you, but you can draw it that way if it makes you feel better.

The place where the intersection cross, is where you should start drawing your nose. You dont have to draw the nose now, but if it makes you see better then you should. The top of the nose is where the intersection of the cross meet. Now just draw a cun/e below the cross to represent the nose as shown. If you decide to draw the nose now then you might as well draw the mouth. Let's just draw a simple mouth for now. You do this by drawing a little curve below the nose and it's done.

How do you know where to draw the eyes from the cross?

How Draw Simplemouth

Well, in this esse since the face (cross) is facing left, you must draw your right eyes further then your left eyes from the cross intersection. The distance between the two eyes should be about 1.2 apart as shown. If the face (cross) is facing right instead of left, you must draw your left eyes further than your right eyes from the cross intersection.

The next step is to draw the top and bottom eye lashes. All you have to do is darken the above and bottom of the eyes and draw some lines sticking out for your eye lashes. After that draw a line over the eye lashes to complete the outline of the eyes.

You C3n draw the sparkling by making a oval shape within the eyes. Don't make it too large, about Vi of the iris size

The iris will contain sparkling and some little white oval shapes. The sparkling can be drawn from the top left corner of the iris as shown. You may draw the sparkling from the top right corner as you wish. The pupil should be drawn at the centre of the eyes.

Next step is to draw more details around the iris Also, you can draw some more oval shapes around the pupil to make more sparkling. Normally. 2-3 glares are good enough..

Now all you have to do isfill in the top part of the eyes and the surrounding area and you are done with the eyes.

Try not to draw too many sparkling because it will make it looks unreal. Drawing the eyes is probably the hardest thing to do for any beginner and it will take sometimesto get use to it. Therefore, be patient and hopefully you will get use to it very soon. It takes about 1 minute to draw the eyes for a pro. but for beginner this may take about 30 minutes

Drawing a male eye is the same as the female eye. However, a male eye is generally a bit smaller and contains less sparkling than a female eye

Occasionally, the male eye can be drawn a bit larger when drawing a male child.

Adult Male

Adult Male

Mean Character I Bad Character

Mean Character I Bad Character

Adult Male
How Draw Male Face


Start off by drawing a cross as in female eye.

In female eye the eyes are drawn almost in a full circle, but for a m3le eye the eyes 3re drawn half a circle. M ost male eyes are smaller, narrow, and thicker line than female eyes. After drawing the half circle, make the eyes more define by adding the eyelids on top.

The iris is almost a perfect circle, but is partially covered up by the eyelids. Do not draw the iris so small that you can see the entire eyeballs.


M ale character eyes have light glares in their eyes, too, but they often 3re not as large or obvious as in the female eyes. Therefore, one should keep this in mind when drawing the male eyes.



The next logical step is to draw the pupil. Just draw a smaller circle within the iris 3s shown in the example.

As for the glare draw one oval light glare on the left side of the eye. and the other one on the right side.

Notice how the glares are not too obvious as in the female glares. The eyelids can be drawn thicker than the female eyelids. In most case, they are drawn thicker.

Male characters tend to have darker, thicker eyebrows, so make sure they are not drawn too thin.

Usually, the male eyes do not contains eyelashes, but if you want to draw it in then there is nothing wrong with it. However, most manga artists don't usually draw the eyelashes for the male eyes.

M ost artists will draw the eyebrows right after they have drawn the eyes. Drawing the eyebrows is a simple task, but it can make the character looks sad, happy, angry and much more. Therefore, you should think what you want to do first before drawing and take your time at it too. Asa beginner you should keep your eyebrows as simple as much as possible. Drawing a regular expression eyebrows is very easy. All you have to do is draw a curve above the eyelashes


The curve should be thicker as you are moving toward the centre and thinner as you are moving away from the centre.


The curve should be thinner as you are moving toward the centre and thicker as you are moving away from the centre.

Regular Expression I Happy Expression

Mad / Angry

Vfery Mad / Very Angry

Regular Expression / Happy Expression

Mad / Angry

Very Mad / Very Angry

Drawing a mouth is the easiest thing to do. There is not much you need to learn about drawing the mouth except that you should remember to draw them proportionally to your character face. Also, the male mouth is usually larger than the female mouth Keep the mouth as simple as much as possible by "drawing a long thin line for the mouth. You may want to add a shorter line to define the lower lip

Basic Mouth

Simple Smile

Basic Mouth

Simple Smile

Regular Smile

Smile with teeth and lower lip


Basic Talking Mouth Expressions Drawn




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