Advance Drawing

Kimono Part 2 131-134

Uniform Wo man 135-138

Nurse 139-142

Bending Down 143-146

Shoujo 147-150

Conclusion 151

Most of my friends called me Re Torugu back in Japan. Sometimes they called Muto instead I moved from Tokyo to Canada when I was still a kid. As a kid during my spare time. I usually spent most of my time drawing anime characters (6 years old). Growing up in Japan, we were surrounded with animes through TV, graphic books, and manga. One of my favorite show when I was a kid were Gundam and M across. Every day I draw pictures over and over again during class time or at home. The pictures that I had drawn were very simple back then, but as time passed by my drawing had changed too. As I grew up I started working on painting anirne cells. I don't paint anime cell anymore, but sometimes I do it for old time sake. I still prefer anime with cells than those new anime shows with computer graphics. Some say that I'm too old fashion and too traditional, but one thing I know for sure is that time has passed by very fast for me to get used to the computer animation.

When I'm not drawing anime, I usually do something else related to anime. I watch anime shows and write reviews on it. I also write anime theme songs for piano, and lastly I program games. I have made several anime games so far. and they range from 5Megs to 1 Gig anime games. The games can be download from the server or order a cd-rom version from

"How to draw anime for beginner" was written about 2 years ago. The purpose of this book was to show how one could change their current cartoon style into anime style. Therefore, this book was not designed for people who just started to learn drawing from scratch. It was designed for people who had some experience in drawing before. The book is divided into three parts: Anatomy, Basic and Advance Drawing The basic anatomy section was made for reference only, not to teach people from scratch. However, anyone is welcome to try it, but it will be a bit harder for beginner. The book was written as simple as much as possible to make it easier to understand. It contains over 140 pages of pictures and helpful hints Furthermore, the video on "How to draw anime for beginner" is available by ordering the cd-rom or by downloading from our server. The cd-rom will contain full resolution tutorials, but the download version will contain only a third of a resolution, because of the limited bandwidth of the internet.


To prepare yourself, you should close your eyes and think about anime style not cartoon, Don't try mixing regular cartoon character with anime character, because it simply doesnt work, ou should follow the section one by one, and make sure you full/ understand it before going to the next section. Most of the tutorials will contain a video about it, please watch the video after you have read the section. M ake sure you practice after each section by drawing it not just reading it Some sections will have tutorials on both male and female, whereas some will only contain one gender. If you see a section with only one gender then it means that it works the same for both male and female anime characters.

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