Bending Down

D raw ing a fema le b eridin g do wn or ben ding down to her knee isvery d ifficu Itto draw espe daily if she is wearing a dress. When tendng down as shown inthe e< ample,the tfessrises u p th erefore, c reati ng mere folds and shadows To make the character effective one would need to make the folds at the right place to make it looks real.


Kids Draw Anime Emotions

Making an expression for angry or mad can be done by drawing the eyebrows slanted down another words draws it as a V shape. And have the mouth drawn as a straight line. The last expression is calmness, it should be the easiest one of all because you don't ha< e to wor ry ab out the e yes. Just dra w two curve lines forthe eye sand do the s arne fcr t he m outh. For the eyebrows just draw the m the same as in normal exp ression.

Super Deform

New start todrawiri the little detailslikethe eyes, clothing a nd t he ha irs. Whe n drawing the eyes for a SD character, pleasedrawth e cro ss below the midpdnt. Another thing i s tha t don't dra wth e bre ast t oo la rg f or S D cha ract er. It will ruin the whole thing Forregiiar charade rone can drav the breast larg er b ecau seth e character has the length whereas S D character d oesn 1 haveth e le ncjh. Ju st fin ish upthe fina I touc h. F or S D ch aract ers t heir hand s ca n be drawnwi...

Character Shading

Anime Eyebrows

Shading the character takes rrany ye ars of experience and practice. Asa beginrertiy net to make it too fancy, and keep it sirrple. The most irrpo rtan t thin g a begin ner should resize that the light sources ere usually shine from the topancje (sun, iightfromthe ceili ng an d et c). 0 cca siona lly, t he lig hit s ource s may sh ine f rom diffe rert angle s, b ut let's keep it simple for now Pie asef olio * the diag ram below.

Cat Girls

Drawn Anime Cat Girl

Drawing a c at girl isv ery common f cr ja panese artists esp ecial fy for the male artists. Probab be cause they look very cute. Drawing a cat girl i s just like drawing any ferna te character with some changes. Bestie having a tail and two large ears, one of the main diff eren ce betvve en a normal fe male characte r an d a c at g irl is t hat t he h ead for th e ca t girl is drawn larger than a normal female. Please follow th e exampl es fo roth er mhor changes


How Draw Anime Clothes

Drawing an anirne character who is dreaming or thinking of something very deeply is not that hard to do There are two things one need to do the first is draw the head looking a bit up the second draw more spark on the eyes. This work the same for serious ariime arid regular anime characters and for both male and female character. Drawing an anirne character for the winter scene is a bit harder than a summer scene. The reasons for this is because the character requires to wear thick clothes arid...

Different Style

How Draw Anime Clothes

This section is almost the same as in the previous section because a character is sitti ng, arid her face is facing left also. However, this time the character is sitting in a awkward position. As one can see, the character face looks exactly the same as the clothing section character. Therefore, if one can master one basic character face one can draw many different characters by- changing the hairs style and their clothing as shown here. The only thing need to be worry about this picture are...

Front View

Drawing Face View Anime

Make sure that the hp is not as wide asthe shoulder. If you want to make the cha-acter locks like a super mode I the n ma ke th e wa et th in a rd t he sh ould er sh ould be w rJer t han the h ip an d the leg shou Id be n ice a nd lo ng. Drawing the front view is h side rtha n drawing the side view and the back view. Th efront view shows everything about th e character's appe aran ce to her characte ristic s Below is an e lt ample of drawing a frontv lew. The character is drawn turn a bits ide...

Side View

How Draw Anime Backside View

The sicte view works the same asthe froritv iew. AII the bas ic rule s st ill app ty. A Ithou gh th e ch arac ter is facin g sid e wa y, h er bo cfy tu m a bit to mak e it more re siist ic as in th e fro rt view Nevertheless, when drawing side view make sure that the body is not drawn straight down but is drawn asasnak ' curve . Anotherwords, the chest bow outward and the back bow inward.

Clothing Male

H ere you h a e a typ ical male cha racte r, he is wearin g a I ong c oat. Lon g co at is relati vety easy todravvforany anirre character because it vull co ermostof the character. It's very e asy to dr aw a nd it dees n't h ave m uch fold s. Concentrate on the face especially the hair. No need to worry about the body because the long coat will cover it.


Draw Anime Girls Step Step

Shoujo is just like any other manga except it is for girl. It is mostly read by Japanese female audiences. Shounen manga Japanese male audiences tend to focus on action of events, while shoujo manga are more concerned with feelings, moods, relationships, Shoujo are usually drawn with the character looking more handsome by drawing the male and female anime character stall and thin. Usually, the male characters are drawn very handsome and co ol lo oking. T he example shown is y our typical male...

Dramatic Emotions

Anime Drawing Emotions

One of the hardest thing to draw an an rne characters occurs when they are about to cry, e spec ially the fe male. Th e process of cry in g is show n bel ow, p leas e foil ow th e ex amp les if you want to learn h ow t o draw it. Blinking one eye is very comrron for a nan ime character especial ly for female anime c hara cter. It's very easy to d raw, but beginner almo st mske t he same mistake. The important thing you need to know isth at the clo sing e e shoufcJ be drawn mid point ofthe...

How To Draw Manga Bodies And Anatomy

How Draw Manga Bodies And Anatomy

The arm rotation is probably the hardest thing to learn when you are 3 beginner, but with little practice you can be a pro. Some artists especially beginner don't realize how important it is to make the proper arm rotation. It makes the charscters look more realistic. There are certain things you must know when making the arm moves, and th3t is the shoulder moves with the arm. When you draw the arm up. down, outward or inward, the shoulder moves up. down, outward and inward respectively. Please...

Anime Sketches And Drawings

Pic Samurai Anime Realistic

To make the drawing look more Ike a cat girl, one sftoUd draw the fingernails longer. Don't draw the waist to inward or thinner, kee p it n onn ai. Then draining a tail keep it di or t, and don't make it touch the ground. Drawing an elf girl is very common for Japanese artists Drawing an elf girl is just like drawing any female character with some changes. One of the main difference between a normal female character and an elf girl is that the ears are drawn very long and outward from the side....

Body Proportion

How Draw Anime Bodies With Clothes

Anime C hara der's body length is different fro mth e len gth of a real person Speci lt ily the fe rrale character, they ha every long leg and their waist are very thin. Th us, making the female characters loo klike a sifier star models. Shown below, is a fe male cha racte r sta rriin a forward, sideway and bac kwar d wit h line s ru nnin a acr oss the p age. As men tion earlie rthe hea d is the most i nrportant Thing in an an me' character .the refore, th e hei ght oTthe head wi II be consider...

Blushing Effects

Blushing Simple Draw

One of the effective way of showing blushing is by shad ing a cros s an d be low the eyes. To make mo re blush ng jiet d raw shade One of the effective way of showing blushing is by shad ing a cros s an d be low the eyes. To make mo re blush ng jiet d raw shade This meth cd o f blu shing is used rnostty in manga because y ou c cnt repro duce the sha dng effect from printing. Therefore, by Rawing some short lines start fro mtop to bottom across the eyes. To make more blushing just draw thicker...

How To Draw Anime Hands

Easy Anime Nose

The second part of the mouth section will show you how you can make your anime characters do certain action with their mouths. On the left side you have the mouth drawn with more details for drawing close up anime character's face, and on the righl side is the simplified version of it. Drawing a nose is not that hard, but just rememberthat an anime character always has a small nose. In general, if you have a large mouth then you should have a large nose and vice versa. Sometimes 3itists like to...

Anime Body Drawing

Beginner Anime Drawing

Artime character's feet is probably the last thing you need to worry. Since you rarely see in manga or anime TV shows, because the feet is usually cover by the shoe. However, sometimes an artist need to draw the feet for certain scene. There are onty a few things you need to remember when drawing the feet. The first is that the female feet are always smaller than the male feet both length and width wise. The second is that the female feet 3re usually closer together where as the male feet are...

Basic Drawing

Innocent Anime Eyes Drawings

In this section, you will learn how to draw an anime face. Drawing anime face is very difficult for first timer, but with practice it can be done easily. Asyou are learning how to draw anime character, the first thing you should realize that every character you draw should st3it with the head. Before you actually start drawing, you will need to centre the head by drawing a little cross as shown below. However, you will probably notice that most the anime characters you see are usually facing...

Hair Shading

Anime Hairline

Shading the hair is v ery difficult to leam and draw, but it will make the character I ook more realistic. Dark h air should be shade as shown in figure B and C. Light hair have anopticn of shading or just sin pie drawing stripe of lines down the hair lines as shown in figure A. Backv iew small on top and I arge near the bottom. FrontView large along the hairline. Side View Large abngthe si de of the hair line. 3 4'View Large along the hair line and srra II near the bottom of the hair.

Kimono Part

Draw Anime

Kimono is a beautiful traditional Japanese dress, but it will limit a person's movement, since it has long sleeves and is ankle-length. In modern Japan, not many people wear them, only special occasion like New Year. Yukata is like kimono but one wears them during the summer. In kimono part 1, you will see a typical anime character wearing a typical kimono. In part 2, you will a more mature anime character wearing kimono.

Folds Female Clothes

Anime Clothes Female

Folds cet more complex as th e ch aracter wears different type of clothes. P leas e stu cfy th e ex smp le as show n be low. F olds con centr ted around the breast. Folds concentrated around theb reast an d th e sh ould en. Folds concentrated around the breast, waist and the shoulder Folds concentrated belowt he waist dovn tothe bottom of the skirt