On the adult, exaggerate the large torso and massive "arms." By keeping legs short, you accentuate size of body.

The use of heavy jowls works nicely on bears. For a silly effect, leave out the chin on your character.

Adult Polar Bear SketchesDrawing Exaggerated Body TypesComic Action Figure Drawing Tutorials

For cuteness in small bears keep the body short and dumpy, the forehead high, eyes low, cheek and stomach full, and the mouth short and small.

Exagerated Walking Sketch Long Arms Legs

For the comic types, I hove used two extremes. In one sketch, the main moss is carried in the lower area, while in the other, it is carried in the chest area. In the upper sketch, the thin neck contrasts absurdly with the bulk of the body.

The polar bear seems to lend itself to a stylized drawing. Here, I exaggerated the long neck, pointed nose, and heavy, long forelegs.

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