• Origin: Horse: Surface of the masseter muscle at the bony facial ridge, below the eye. Ox: Zygomatic arch and surface of the masseter muscle. Dog and feline: Cartilaginous plate (scutiform cartilage) lying on the surface of the temporalis muscle, located near the rear end of the upper surface of the head.

• Insertion: Corner of the mouth (slightly toward the upper lip), merging with the fibers of the orbicularis oris.

• Action: Pulls the corner of the mouth upward and rearward. Dog and feline: also pulls the scutiform cartilage forward.

• Structure: The zygomaticus is a long, narrow straplike muscle. In the horse, it can be seen where it leaves the surface of the masseter and also just before it attaches to the corner of the mouth. It is larger in the feline than in the dog.

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