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Human Anatomy and Physiology premium is credited to James Ross, which help to solve some of the anatomy related issues which pose a significant challenge to the student and also young doctors. The product contains more 3000 pages with illustration and even graphics, which enhances a better understanding of the various topics in human physiology and also anatomy. It comprises of the component systems which covers many lessons. This product has been used by different practitioners and also a scholar in enhancing some better understanding of the topics in anatomy. Some of the illustrations and even graphics which are covered in the product have been researched and contain more detailed explanations which would rely upon. The product is available in the E-book, and one can download and also enjoy some bonus which would enhance some better understanding of the various topic which keeps on giving some of the problems too many people. More here...

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Anatomy Of The Hand

Anatomy The Hand And Wrist

In the hand are four bones, continuous with those of the fingers, called metacarpals meta, beyond, carpus, wrist . They are covered by tendons on the back, and on the front by tendons, the muscles of the thumb and little finger, and skin pads. There is a very slight movement like opening a fan between these bones. They converge on the wrist bones and are mortised almost solidly to them. The hand moves with the wrist. The dorsal tendons converge more sharply than the bones. The short muscles of...

Proportions of The Human Figure

Steps Drawing The Human Figure

Measurements of the human figure are divisions of the body into parts of given measurements. There are many conceptions of measuring, scientific and ideal, and they all differ. If given proportions were used, even though these proportions were the ideal average, they would result in a drawing without character. Again, to apply these so-called canons of art, the figure must be on the eye-level, upright and rigid. The least bending of the head or body would change the given proportions visually,...

Sketches Of Human Anatomy

Human Head Reference Sketches

By the aid of shadows is developed the true form of the model and to parts more or less advanced or depressed, are thereby given a location, as decided and certain as if seen in profile. So truly can they be expressed, on a flat surface, that a sculptor can model a bust, from a picture, and the eye may be so completely deceived, by their close representation, as scarcely to distinguish the reality from its counterfeit. It is, therefore, as essentially...

Torso Structure

Symphysis Pubis

Rectus Abdominis From symphysis pubis to cartilages of ribs, from fifth to seventh. Action Flexes thorax. Serratus Magnus From eight upper ribs to scapula spinal edge, under surface. Action Draws shoulder blade forward, raises ribs. External Oblique From eight lower ribs to iliac crest and ligament to pubis. Action Flexes thorax.

Light and Shade

Light And Shade Anatomy Sketches

Shade with the idea that light and shade are to aid the outline you have drawn in giving the impression of solidity, breadth and depth. Keep before you the conception of a solid body of four sides composed of a few great masses, and avoid all elaborate and unnecessary tones which take away from the thought that the masses or planes on the sides must appear to be on the sides while those on the front must appear to be on the front of the body. No two tones of equal size or intensity should...

The Modern Female Head

Human Forehead Drawing

Same deal, different head, Proportionwise and placementwise, the structure is basically the same as that of a man. You've still got the skutl jaw combo, and you tick off the horizontal guidelines in the same spots. Now come the differences. Leave off the contour lines of the forehead in the finished drawing. Anything that articulates the bone structure of the face, such as those forehead contour lines, makes her look more masculine, The exception is cheekbones, which are very sexy on women. The...

An Approach to the Study of Anatomy

Man Anatomy Contour Draw

The human figure is built for action, and the best approach to the study of anatomy is that which constantly relates the anatomy of the figure to the possibility of movement. The shapes of the body in action are entirely different from those of the dormant body. It is the gesture that gives everything its shape. The bones and muscles have been modelled into their form by action, through centuries of existence, and those forms are not static. If anatomy were illogical it...

Anatomical Landmarks And Surface Stress

Anatomy Arm Drawings

The artist can truly understand surface forms only by knowing their underlying structures and their form and behavior under tension, stress, and activity, Wc are still dealing with anatomy in this chapter, but from the viewpoint of dominant surface stress. The skeletal detail below shows the broad lower end of the humerus from which two bony prominences emerge, the condyles A A2 . These are part of the joint which articulates with the lower arm bone. The inner condyle A is remarkably extended,...

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