Ischial Tuberosity

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The column of the thigh and leg diminishes in thickness as it descends to the foot. From any view it also has a reverse curve that extends its entire length.

On either side a descending wedge overlaps the rounded form of the thighs and this again overlaps the square form above and below the knee joint, which is also square. The leg at the calf is triangular; at the ankle it is square.

Anatomical Drawing The KneeAchilles Body Part

Muscles Below the Knee

Gastrocnemius: From tuberosities of femur to tendon of Achilles. Action: Extends foot, raises body in walking.

Peroneus Longus: From head and upper part of fibula passes beneath foot from outside, to base of big toe. Action: Extends ankle and raises outer side of foot.

Tibialis Anticus: From upper and outer two-thirds of tibia to inner side of foot. Action: Flexes ankle and raises inner side of foot.

Ischial SpacesTuberosities The BodyIschial Tuberosity Spine

Muscles of the Lower Limbs

Back View:

1 Gluteus medius

2 Gluteus maximus

3 Semi-tendinosus

4 Semi-membranosus

5 Biceps femoris

6 Gastrocnemius

7 Soleus

Semi-tendinosus: From ischial tuberosity to tibia. Action: Flexes knee and rotates inward leg.

Semi-membranosus: From ischial tuberosity to tibia. Action: Flexes knee and rotates leg inward.

Biceps Femoris: Long head from ischial tuberosity; short head from femur, to head of fibula. Action: Flexes knee and rotates thigh outward.

Head FibulaDrawing Realistic Female FeetInner Arms Anatomical Name

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