The Lower Limbs

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Manga Leg Anatomy Dressage Horse Face Drawing

Inner View

Rectus femoris Vastus internus Sartorius Gracilis

Semi-tendinosus Semi-membranosus Gastrocnemius Sole us

Below the Knee

Soleus: From upper part of fibula and back of tibia to tendon of Achilles. Action: Extends foot and lifts body in walking.

Extensor Digitorum Communis (extensor longus digitorum pedis): From tibia and front of fibula to second and third phalanges of toes. Action: Extends toes.

Muscles of the Lower Limbs

Thigh Muscles

Muscles of the Lower Limbs

Outer View

1 Gluteus maximus

2 Gluteus medius

3 Biceps femoris

4 Vastus externus

5 Gastrocnemius

6 Peroneus longus

7 Tibialis anticus

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