US Navy Skymasters

The C-54s transferred to the U.S. Navy were designated as follows: R5D-1: 56 C-54A, R5D-2: 30 C-54B, R5D-3: 86 C-54D, R5D-4: 20 C-54E and R5D-5:13 C-54G.

Postwar Use—Cw/\\ DC-4s and converted C-54s went into airline service soon after the war. Although they outnumbered the newer Lockheed Constellation, they were at a competitive disadvantage because they weren't pressurized. The most notable postwar uses of the C-54 RHD

were the Berlin Airlift of 1948-49, with 336 Skymasters involved, and a major airlift operation during the Korean War Postwar modifications and redesignations of C-54s and R5Ds resulted in designations as high as C-54S. The last Air Force and Navy C-54s weren't retired until the early 1970s.

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