ENGINE quick change unit THE ENGINE quick change unit is supplie! AS A SPARE to facilitate engine change ANO RE MIR unoer combat maintenance CONDITIONS the unit consists of all COMPONENTS of functional systems WHCM ARE attached to the engine or th ENGINE mount incluoed in the unit are THE COWLING and the engine mount.

carburetor air filter air filters are installed over each air door in the carburetor air header engine supercharger the TWO speed supercharger is locate0 in the air intake manifold chamber the _ FUEL-AIR mixture enters the npeu-erf_ AFTER leaving the carburetor it is BOOSTED to greater pressure and fudws MTHE ¬ętake manifold to the engine cyl-MOCRS. THE impeller is geareotothe ENGME crankshaft, ano always operates m LOW OR high blower, oepending on the PILOT'S setting of the supercharger CONTROL lever.


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