Planes Of This Type Were Built Surplus Planes Were Modified Fop Forest Fire Fighting

gun turret the electrically operated gun turret is equipped with a 50-caliber automatic machine gun. 200 rounds of ammo are carried an illum inat ed gun sight, a gun camera, an oxygen regulator, an oxygen FLOW indicator, a radio control box and a light ar e provided. the control OF the turret is such as to permit normal speed for elevation and train and a higher speed for slewing. the normal speed for elevation is 12° per second and the normal train speed is 20° per second the high speed switch switch on the control unit increases the speed to 30* per second for elevation and45° for train operation. the vertical motion has a range of 115® 30® below to 85® above the horizontal the train operation is either clockwise or counterclockwise through 360* in an emergency, the turret can be manually operated.

oxygen system a high pressure, diluter demand type oxygen system is installed. the oxygen cylinder has a cubic capacity of 514 cubic inches of oxygen at 1800 ps.i. each crew member has access to the oxygen at all times during flight.

heating and ventilation heaters burning gasoline are install ed to keep the aircrew warm. with the warm air supply available, control valves oirect it as desired to the aircrew stations. the system can be used for cold air ventilation when the heater controls are off automatic pilot a type g-l automatic pilot is installed and provides control of all flight systems as set by the pilot. the automatic pilot gives an instrument indication of all normal movements of the airplane for manual or automatic flight it is operated by hydraulic pressure of 150 ps i. supplied by the engine-oriven hydraulic pump

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